‘Overrated and pompous’: ‘Succession’ star Brian Cox slams Johnny Depp in his autobiography

Overrated and pompous Succession star Brian Cox slams Johnny Depp

L’acteur Brian Cox en 2020 – Frazer Harrison – Getty Images via AFP Without filter like Logan Roy, the media mogul he plays in the series Succession, comedian Brian Cox takes it easy on several Hollywood stars in his autobiography, Putting the Rabbit in the Hat, published on January 18 and not yet translated. Among … Read more

Succession Star Calls Johnny Depp ‘Overrated’ As He Discusses The Role He Could Have Taken In Pirates Of The

Succession Star Calls Johnny Depp Overrated As He Discusses The

Veteran character actor Brian Cox seems to be the kind of guy who doesn’t beat around the bush. That he should do his next memoirs, Put the rabbit in the hat, an enjoyable read. As excerpts from the book begin to circulate ahead of publication, we begin to learn about the coveted roles Cox turned … Read more

Music Catalogs Are Getting Great Deals Are They Overrated?

Music Catalogs Are Getting Great Deals Are They Overrated

In the 2006 book “Northern Songs: The True Story of the Beatles Song Publishing Empire,” journalist Brian Southall captured a music industry mantra: “For songwriters and publishers alike, the five most important words are always the same: ‘never give up. a copyright.’” For generations of popular musicians who have stuck to that philosophy, the strategy … Read more

‘Succession’ Star Brian Cox Turned Down ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Because Johnny Depp Is ‘Overrated’

Succession Star Brian Cox Turned Down Pirates of the Caribbean

Read the article Depp played Captain Jack Sparrow in five films, beginning in 2003 with The Curse of the Black Pearl, and most recently in 2017’s Dead Men Tell No Tales. A prequel film based on the character has been in the works since 2018, and while the studio announced plans to recast the role … Read more

Johnny Depp Is ‘Overrated’ In ‘Pirates’ Movies – GameSpot

Johnny Depp Is Overrated In Pirates Movies GameSpot

Brian Cox et Johnny Depp. Marion Curtis/StarPix/HBO Max/Shutterstock ; BabiradPicture/Shutterstock The pirate life was not for him. Before his award-winning role in Succession, Brian Cox turned down a role in Pirates of the Caribbean franchise – because he didn’t want to work with Johnny Depp. The actor, 75, revealed in a passage from his forthcoming memoir, … Read more

Emily in Paris: an overrated series both in the plot and in its styles (and no, a third season is not necessary)

1640710868 Emily in Paris an overrated series both in the plot

Although many (and many) were waiting the second season of Emily in Paris Like May water, the truth is that the RRSS have not been slow to show their disappointment. With little credible looks, impossible details and too weak a plot, this series becomes the guilty pleasure of many, while others have it in the … Read more