The attack on Lightyear does not stop and continues to generate outrage, this time from youtuber Dross

Just a few days ago it hit theaters Lightyearthe new animated film Disney Y pixar. It is the spin-off of toy story centered on the character of Buzz Lightyear. In this case, the story does not focus on the iconic toy astronaut, but on the real astronaut who inspired the action figure that Andy receives … Read more

Theaters and concert halls, amid outrage and fatalism over capacity restrictions

“These 15 days are the ones with the highest collection. We hope that Culture and other administrations will help us,” said Isabel Vidal, president of Adetca. The rooms regret that they continue to be “the usual suspects every time the numbers get worse” The evidence that culture is safe has not prevented the Government from … Read more

Outrage over the video of the singer Lalo Mora where he puts his hand into a fan’s blouse

Read transcript be the protagonist ofa video where he abuses a fanthis is truly unusual.[sonido ambiente]alan: there they are watching himhe lives receiving his fans andthis girl took to have onephoto with whom I assume is one ofyour favorite singers butno├ís why he put the hand ofdescribe it.>> I have it.alan: the woman is nothing … Read more

US authorities generate outrage by withdrawing second child from ‘American Idol’ contestant

Published: 15 ago 2021 23:17 GMT In February, the police forcibly removed a one-year-old son from Syesha Mercado after being diagnosed with dehydration. An American who was a finalist in the ‘American Idol’ contest has lost custody of her newborn baby after a few months ago the US authorities handed over her other son, just … Read more

‘Game of Thrones’: Jason Momoa’s outrage at a question of “bad taste” about the rape of Daenerys

Despite the fact that it was more than a decade since he ended his participation in the series as Khal Drogo, Jason Momoa he is still being asked about his memorable role in ‘Game of Thrones’ often. But the last question during an interview with The New York Times It has not seemed appropriate at … Read more

‘The Suicide Squad’, review: a hilarious and brutal action outrage

You always remember very well those feature films with which you had a wonderful time in a movie theater. They do not necessarily have to be moviesGreat works of art made by brilliant directors like Martin Scorsese, for example. It is enough that they manage to trap you in your story, that they provoke intense … Read more

‘Willy’s Wonderland’, a new outrage with Nicolas Cage unleashing his fury against some killer dolls

Although it may seem that stagnates with delusional projects time and time again, the truth is that the movies of Nicolas cage They stopped being “films with Nicolas Cage” a long time ago and for that very reason we all win. Now the star premieres on our portable screens one of his latest follies, the … Read more

It provokes outrage! A message from Marjorie de Sousa about the collapse of the building in Miami is ‘expensive’ and it is ‘destroyed’ (PHOTO)

A few days ago the uncertainty began in Miami after the collapse of the 12 floors of a building, which left dozens of injured and missing Personalities of the show have come out to speak on the subject, including Marjorie de Sousa People do not believe Marjorie and accuse her of “insensitive” Marjorie de Sousa … Read more