Niurka revealed if Emilio Osorio is the son of Bobby Larios: “Fate is then naughty”

Niurka revealed if Emilio Osorio is the son of Bobby

(Photos: Instagram) Niurka Marcos is one of the most controversial figures in Mexican entertainment and after the speculations that have been around over the years as to whether the real father of her son Emilio is Bobby Larios and not Juan Osorio, the vedette finally broke the silence . It was during the show sit … Read more

Emilio Osorio: his new exclusive song and the importance of ‘Aristemo’ in Mexico

LAMC 2022 All About the Latin Alternative Music Industry Conference

Emilio Osorio he is capable of anything. The Mexican actor and singer has just released his new album, E2and has entered The last king, an audiovisual project dedicated to Vicente Fernández. Thanks to his work in the music industry, he has entered the hearts of many people outside of Mexico and can already say that … Read more

Emilio Osorio does not keep anything about Bobby Larios and says how he got along with his son

Emilio Osorio is the son of Juan Osorio and Niurka Marcos. For a long time there has been Juan Osorio’s version that Niurka would have been unfaithful to him with Bobby. Emilio Osorio was questioned about the memories he has of the relationship between Niurka and Bobby. After the 2000s, Juan Osorio and Niurka Marcos … Read more

Juan Osorio talks about Televisa’s “secret” catalog: “If she had been, I’d sell anything”

Juan Osorio talks about Televisas secret catalog If she had

Strong statements made by the Mexican producer television producer, John Osorio again caused great controversy after in an interview he spoke of the alleged “secret” catalog of Televisawhose existence is a rumor that has gained strength in recent years. It should be noted that it was never confirmed that the company had offered its actresses … Read more

What Juan Osorio said about the catalog of actresses on Televisa

1650118286 What Juan Osorio said about the catalog of actresses on

Osorio gave his opinion on the Televisa catalog (Photo: File) Televisa is one of the most important Mexican television stations in the country and a rumor that has remained for several generations is the existence of a Catalogue, which allegedly contains personal data of Mexican actresses. This with the purpose of “offering” them to other … Read more

Is the end near? Juan Osorio reveals his last wishes

Is the end near Juan Osorio reveals his last wishes

Juan Osorio wants his remains to rest on Televisa | Instagram John Osoriothe producer of TV soaps from Televisaalready warned that he wants that when I left this world, his ashes be scattered throughout the gardens of this television station in which it was made famous. Some days ago, John Osoriouploaded a photo to his … Read more

Juan Osorio is hospitalized: his girlfriend Eva Daniela informs the producer’s state of health

Juan Osorio is hospitalized his girlfriend Eva Daniela informs the

Juan Osorio was hospitalized in the middle of the recordings of the second season of the series “The last king: the son of the people”. The producer surprised and alarmed celebrities and their fans by revealing a series of photos in which he appeared in a hospital bed. Juan Osorio appears in a hospital: this … Read more

Emilio Osorio, Karol Sevilla’s boyfriend, spoke about his plans to become a father

Emilio Osorio Karol Sevillas boyfriend spoke about his plans to

(Photo: Instagram / emilio.marcos). The singer and former participant of Who is the mask, Emilio Osorio, revealed the plans he has to become a father And, although he did not make it clear if this will happen with his girlfriend, the actress and singer Karol Sevilla, he did confess that he still plans to wait … Read more

By his own decision, director Jaime Osorio Márquez dies

By his own decision director Jaime Osorio Marquez dies

On December 23rd, Jaime Osorio Marquez He decided to stop fighting the cancer he suffered for twelve years, according to the viewer in the Colombian newspaper, and, making use of his right to a dignified death, requested euthanasia, as reported by local media. Even the producer and close friend of the film director, Jorge Forero, … Read more

What was the cause of the death of the film director Jaime Osorio?

What was the cause of the death of the film

The director and screenwriter Jaime Osorio Marquez, recently remembered for having co-created and directed the series’A thousand fangs’ for HBO Max, he passed away at age 46. Colombian cinema is still in mourning after the death of film director Jaime Osorio Márquez. The news had an impact on the industry since a few hours before … Read more