The Colombian Cristina Gallego, invited to be part of The Academy (she would have a say in the Oscars)

In the press release sent by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of Hollywood this Tuesday, June 28, the 397 names are detailed among actors, directors, producers, makeup artists, cinematographers, costume designers, and other professions related to the world of cinema, what have been invited to be part of the membership for 2022. … Read more

The acclaimed horror film forgotten by the Oscars that arrived at HBO Max

Without a doubt the oscars 2022 will be remembered by the public, not only by the moment of stress caused by Will Smith slap Chris Rockbut also for the number of weighty movies that were forgotten in the nominations. inside that forgotten list figure a horror movie critically acclaimed. The good thing is that hbo … Read more

Which famous director laughed at Bradley Cooper at the Oscars?

Although we may think that with his airs of old Hollywood and his retro style Bradley Cooper is one of the most brilliant stars that have emerged in recent years, he has long been seen as an upstart and a spoiled brat by the Academy that he did not deserve the -there are already nine- … Read more

“This gesture touches me”: Isabelle Adjani reacts to Will Smith’s slap at the Oscars

Three months after the 2022 Oscars ceremony, Isabelle Adjani gave her opinion on Will Smith’s famous slap to comedian Chris Rock during the prestigious event. On the occasion of the next release of the film peter von kantIsabelle Adjani gave an interview to the site Three colours. The opportunity for the actress to return to … Read more

Adam Sandler: from critically scorned to Oscar’s bet while continuing to do business as usual

In one of the scenes of Claw (the basketball drama that has been, since its premiere on June 3, the most watched movie on Netflix worldwide) the character played by the player from Madrid Juancho Hernangomez he rehearses his 3-point shot. In front of him, the scout of him turned into a coach, to whom … Read more

Mike Tyson weighs in on Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars

Already several months have passed since the slap that Will Smith gave Chris Rock during the last gala of the Oscars. All due to a joke that the comedian and presenter told about the alopecia of the actor’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, who did not like the protagonist of The Williams Method and made the … Read more

The famous Hollywood actor who accumulates the most Oscars

The Oscar awards They are always in charge of celebrating the most acclaimed performers in the film industry. During all these years, some stars had the opportunity to establish themselves in the category Best Actor. Of course, not everyone is victorious and many have tried more than once to own a statuette. In each of … Read more

The worst losing film at the Oscars

Because the Oscar awards have existed for many years, there are several films who caught the attention of the Academy and who had the privilege of competing for the statuette in different categories. In the history of this famous ceremony, we have applauded several productions that managed to take over many awards. And although we … Read more

Anthony Quinn, the Chihuahuan actor who won two Oscars

Antonio Rodolfo Quinn Oaxaca, was better known in international cinema as Anthony Quinn, the actor was born on April 21, 1915 in Chihuahua and in his blood ran Aztec and Irish rootsas her mother Manuela Oaxaca was Mexican while her father Francisco Quinn was Irish. At a young age, Anthony Quinn and his parents visited … Read more

The controversial movie on Netflix based on REAL events that won 3 Oscars and is a jewel of cinema: Trailer

The pandemic has been two years since started to lock people in their homes, and despite the fact that the intensity of this health crisis is less, the truth is that there are people who continue to spend more time in their houses that on the street, if this is your case, this could be … Read more