New lyric videos in Spanish of METALLICA. MORBID ANGEL’s Trey Azagthoth passes out on stage. LEFT TO DIE plan to release original material.

New lyric videos in Spanish of METALLICA MORBID ANGELs Trey

New lyric videos in Spanish of METALLICA – MORBID ANGEL’s Trey Azagthoth faints on stage – LEFT TO DIE plan to release original material metallic have released new lyric videos in different languages ​​for the songs “Shadows Follow” and “Room Of Mirrors”. Below you have their versions in Spanish. His new album “72 Seasons” appeared … Read more

Quién es Cem, el nuevo personaje de la telenovela turca “Pecado Original”

Gün Akıncı es el actor turco que interpreta a Cem, el nuevo personaje de la telenovela turca “Pecado Original”. Esta nueva apuesta de Antena 3 narra la historia de las hermanas Yilmaz, Zeynep y Yildiz, interpretadas por las actrices Sevda Erginci y Eda Ece, quienes tienen vidas muy diferentes. Nacido en 1988, Gün Akıncı ha … Read more

Weekly advance of ‘Original Sin’ (Antena 3): Yildiz refuses to return to Halit!

Weekly advance of Original Sin Antena 3 Yildiz refuses to

It’s a new week, which means… there are new chapters of Original sin! The Turkish series, substitute for bitter landhas already settled on Antena 3 to please the thousands of viewers who sit on his sofa every afternoon from Monday to Friday and, from 17:30they turn on the television to find out what will happen … Read more

What will happen in “Original Sin” on Friday: Ender will continue to live in the Argun mansion, Yildiz annoys and more

What will happen in Original Sin on Friday Ender will

what will happen in “Original sin”? Antena 3 will premiere on Friday, March 24, a new chapter of the turkish soap opera starring actresses Sevda Erginci and Eda Ecewho play Zeynep and Yildiz, respectively, two sisters who are very different. “Original sin” It was released in Turkey in 2018 and has been broadcast in more … Read more

Netflix announced its original movie lineup: “The Mother”, “Rescue Mission 2”, “Rebel Moon” and much more

1674053345 Netflix announced its original movie lineup The Mother Rescue Mission

This is the first look at the streaming service’s original movies arriving this 2023. (Netflix) On Wednesday, Netflix shared a look at all of its upcoming movies coming this year and confirmed their release dates. Among the most anticipated are rescue mission 2which stars Chris Hemsworth; rebel moonthe new Zack Snyder; The Motherwith Jennifer Lopez; … Read more

Naomi Watts and the most original jean jacket of the season

Naomi Watts and the most original jean jacket of the

Naomi Watts In addition to being a movie icon, he became a great fashion reference. With casual outfits, he manages to shine for his unique style. And leaving social impositions aside, this time he caught everyone’s eye wearing a jacket of Jean that captivated the paparazzi. Naomi Watts walking around nyc Source: Teleshow Naomi Watts … Read more

What to watch on HBO Max: 4 fabulous original movies to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the legendary network that changed television

What to watch on HBO Max 4 fabulous original movies

“It’s not TV, it’s HBO“. The name that has become synonymous with a way of understanding television. There are, of course, the great series that they have been making over the last decades, but their 50-year history is also linked to the cinema that they have been bringing and replenishing continuously. Reruns have ended up … Read more

In 42 countries this Netflix original movie was the most viewed, nobody likes its message, but you must see it at least once

Now only part of history are the days of studying the TV guide or the actor going to a blockbusters to rent movies, as today people simply have to sit back, select their streaming service, and enjoy the hours of entertainment available at their fingertips. In fact, it’s fair to say that consumers are spoiled … Read more