Ricardo Montaner’s ex-wife broke the silence and gave her opinion on the singer’s new family

1642289258 Ricardo Montaners ex wife broke the silence and gave her opinion

Ana Rosa Vaz Pönicke and Ricardo Montaner The Montaner clan is currently one of the most mentioned families both in social networks and in the media. During the last months, the members of the group did not stop starring in events that shook entertainment, from Evaluna and Camilo’s paternity announcement until the long-awaited Ricky and … Read more

“Peacemaker”: Our opinion on the first episode of the new HBO Max series

Peacemaker Our opinion on the first episode of the new

An incorrect criticism of incorrectness. This is our first impression about “Peacemaker”, the new series of DC Comics Y HBO Max, which premiered its first three chapters on Thursday the 13th. Here’s our review of the first. “A completely new twist” is the title of this episode that, over 46 minutes, introduces us to the … Read more

OPINION | Betty White: the eternal Rose | CNN

OPINION Betty White the eternal Rose CNN

The career of Betty White, an unequaled treasure in US comedy. 2:58 Editor’s note: Juan Carlos Arciniegas is a presenter and film critic for CNN en Español. He is the creator and host of the film space Critical Eye. The opinions expressed in this comment are solely those of the author. (CNN Hollywood) — Although … Read more

The movie “Don’t Look Up” made a serious mistake (Opinion)

1640904929 The movie Dont Look Up made a serious mistake Opinion

Horror movies to be released in 2022 1:40 Editor’s Note: Holly Thomas is a London-based writer and editor. She is a morning editor at Katie Couric Media. Tweet on @HolstaT. The opinions expressed in this comment belong solely to the author. (CNN) — On January 8, 2017, Meryl Streep delivered a speech at the Golden … Read more

Leonardo DiCaprio doesn’t like people filming Meryl Streep naked, but who asked him his opinion?

Leonardo DiCaprio doesnt like people filming Meryl Streep naked but

For Leonardo DiCaprio, Meryl Streep is an untouchable, almost sacred, movie icon, and he doesn’t like the idea of ​​being filmed naked. We would gladly do without his father-moral reflections. Leonardo DiCaprio is like everyone else: he has his favorites. We’re not talking about the 20-year-old models he takes on yacht tours out of Christian … Read more

DCEU: Henry Cavill gives his opinion on the arrival of a new Superman

DCEU Henry Cavill gives his opinion on the arrival of

Of all the characters introduced to the DCEU thanks to the universe created by Zack Snyder, the Superman played by Henry Cavill is undoubtedly the one whose fate is the most uncertain. Even the Batman played by Ben Affleck, Batfleck, will have another chance to shine on the big screen thanks to the film The … Read more

Luis Miguel gives his first opinion about his biopic, shortly after the premiere of the third season

The series based on the life of Luis Miguel has just premiered a third and final season that reviews chapters of the artist’s life such as his courtship with Mariah Carey, a role played by Jade Ewen. These will be the last episodes of a fiction that has unleashed a certain controversy since some of … Read more

Opinion: The free fall of J. Balvin, the whitening of reggaetón and his painful music video for ‘Perra’

Opinion The free fall of J Balvin the whitening of

// By: Oscar Adame Wed October 13, 2021 In just a couple of weeks, J. Balvin managed to destroy his public image. From being an artist with a huge social impact who achieved the impossible by being an invaluable pillar for the popularization of a culture that was detested for decades due to its place … Read more

Radiography: Best Television Opinion Program

1633801240 Radiography Best Television Opinion Program

By Jose Agustin Del Mar Bone scan has been awarded as the “Best Television Opinion Program” in the Victoria Awards from the Santa María La Antigua University (USMA). With the award of Bone scan, MEDCOM added a total of 8 awards. RPCRadio took 2 awards; best radio morning news, and best radio host. Telemetro Radio … Read more

A woman to play James Bond? Daniel Craig gives his opinion

A woman to play James Bond Daniel Craig gives his

Daniel Craig, who plays James Bond for the last time in Die Can Wait, has given his opinion on the possibility of a woman taking over the role of the legendary agent 007. Nowadays, many leading roles in cinema are increasingly attributed to women. And some mythical male roles could well be affected by the … Read more