Gael García hesitated to be an actor after debuting in soap operas: “My thing was not acting”

Gael Garcia hesitated to be an actor after debuting in scaled

The actor acknowledged the fame he had at the beginning of his film career as a leading man in movies and joked that the situation is very different today. (Photo: EFE/Mario Guzmán) As few times, Gael García Bernal opened his heart to share a little about his acting experience inside and outside of Mexico, as … Read more

She was a promising child actress, she shone both in movies and in soap operas, but today her reality is overwhelming

Ana Patricia Red is a Mexican actress of Peruvian descent, she is the daughter of actor Gustavo Red and former Miss Peru Carmela Stein. Many actors and actresses of the mexican cinema they started working in show business since they were little and also many have had to do other jobs that have nothing to … Read more

Bárbara Mori “confirms” her retirement from soap operas in “Hoy”

He rules out returning to soap operas; this she said in “Today” forcefully Barbara Mori He denied having contacts with soap opera producers and even considering the offer of any of them for his long-awaited return to melodramas in Televisa. The beautiful actress gave an interview for the “Program Today” where, among other things, she … Read more

Mourning on Televisa: Galán from soap operas suffered a tragic end; he disappeared and ended up dead in a closet

Written in FAMOUS the 6/26/2022 06:00 a.m. Mexico City.- A famous actor from Televisawho triumphed in soap operas, suffered a tragic death that paralyzed the show business and that to date remains unpunished. the mexican actor Joseph Robert Hill He was found murdered in his home in December 2005, at the age of 60. He … Read more

Blow to TV Azteca: After 8 years withdrawn by religion, beloved actress returns to Televisa soap operas

Mexico City.- a famous protagonist of televisionwho has not made soap operas for 8 years after leave Mexico for focus on your family and religion, return to the melodramas. Is about Karyme Lozanowho was confirmed as one of the mature protagonists of the telenovela My secretsoon to be released and produced by Carlos Moreno for … Read more

Sergio Catalán left soap operas 13 years ago and now sells ice cream: this is what he looks like at 49

Sergio Catalán was quite a telenovela heartthrob in the 90s and the mid-2000s. The actor gained fame at the age of 24 with his role as Diego de la Mora in ‘Bendita Mentira, where he shared the screen with Mariana Levy and Angélica María. After moving away from acting, Sergio Catalán did not really say … Read more

Fernando Colunga: the first images of the actor on his return to soap operas with “El Conde”

Fernando Colunga the first images of the actor on his

There is no doubt that Fernando Colunga is one of the actors most prestigious in all of Mexico, in addition to being one of the best preserved at 56 years old. And it is that the artist was a trend in networks by publishing photographs in which he makes clear his excellent acting condition for … Read more

Divorced and in jail: After 14 years missing, protagonist of soap operas returns to Televisa

Written in FAMOUS the 6/25/2022 2:56 p.m. Mexico City.- A famous leading lady telenovelas on televisa, who has been retired from acting for 14 years, reappears in an unpublished photograph published on television networks. Is about Yadhira Carrillowho starred in melodramas like The Other, Loving you is my Sin, Barrier of love Y Women’s wordhowever … Read more

The Roku Channel Launches Espacio Latino with Free Movies, Soap Operas and More

The Roku Channel Launches Espacio Latino with Free Movies Soap

The Roku Channel expands with the launch of Latin Space, a section dedicated to the Spanish-speaking public in the United States. Among other things, you can enjoy movies and soap operas for free. Due to the great demand for content in Spanish by users, The Roku Channel has been forced to expand its catalog with … Read more