Ismael Jordi, tenor: “An opera singer has to be an elite athlete”

Ismael Jordi tenor An opera singer has to be an

“While here in Spain you are opening gifts, I will be in New York screaming like crazy,” he jokes Ishmael Jordi (Jerez de la Frontera, 49 years old) with what will be his debut in the Metropolitan Opera House in New York the night of Kings of 2023. The tenor faces this colossus of almost … Read more

Fernando Colunga, from soap opera heartthrob to murderer kidnapper

Fernando Colunga from soap opera heartthrob to murderer kidnapper

Fernando Colunga in the new series El secreto de la familia Greco, based on the production Historia de un clan Galan of the most successful Mexican soap operas, Fernando Colunga He left television for almost seven years and now he returns with a character very different from the ones he played in The usurper, I … Read more

Marie Leguizamo: ‘I started as an opera singer’

Rosalia in Mexico City You have my heart stolen

LOS ANGELES — Few know that Marie Leguizamo, before being the producer of several of the most popular Hispanic programs such as “La Voz Kids”, “Mira Quien Baila” or “Last One Laughing” (LOL), was an opera singer and that is why she herself He says he loves being both behind and in front of the … Read more

Opera and lyrical singing are reborn with all their might in the 2022-23 season

3 facts you didnt know about Benedict Cumberbatchs Lamborghini

In August 2023, Eglise Gutiérrez will star in a concert version of “Cecilia Valdés” at the Miami-Dade County Auditorium. Photo courtesy/Daniel Fernandez Like the Phoenix Bird that was mythologically reborn from its ashes, artistic and literary manifestations always resurface, despite everything, after wars and political cataclysms, epidemics, inquisitions or natural disasters. The various outbreaks of … Read more

How an opera singer helped defender Upamecano establish himself at Bayern Munich

How an opera singer helped defender Upamecano establish himself at

Upamecano hired an opera singer to improve his performance on the Bayern pitch Considered one of the most promising defenders in Europe, Upamecano was disputed by several giants, but ended up contracted for 43 million euros in mid-2021 by the Bayern Munich. However, the Frenchman’s first year in the Bundesliga it was quite disappointing. Although … Read more

Famous soap opera heartthrob in the 80s is now a farmer, you won’t believe who he is

Many times fame can be a great ally, many even consider it an ally or a friend, some other people may think the opposite of the situation and it is not for less, fame can be very bad, so much so that some people assure that has led to its destruction. Many are those from … Read more

‘The game of my destiny’, the new Turkish soap opera with Akin Akinözü

The game of my destiny the new Turkish soap opera

The game of my destiny arrives at divinity This Friday, September 9, starting at 10:30 p.m. From creators of Hercaithis passionate love story starring Oykü Karayel Y Akin Akinozü starts its journey in Mediaset with a long-lasting chapter that you cannot miss. Revenge, drama and passion are the ingredients of this production that has ended … Read more

‘Don’t worry, dear’: Olivia Wilde and Shia LaBeouf star in the soap opera of the summer in Hollywood

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Javier Navio Updated:08/30/2022 19:32h Save RELATED NEWS Olivia Wilde is being one of the great protagonists of the summer in Hollywood. The actress is about to release ‘Don’t Worry, Darling (Don’t Worry, Darling)’her second film as director after the celebrated ‘Super nerds’. Starring Florence Pugh (‘Midsommar’, ‘Little Women’) and Harry Styles (The singer who debuted … Read more

After leaving Televisa and becoming a widower, a well-known soap opera heartthrob becomes a woman; this she says about it

Mexico City.- After having left Televisa and continue your career Aztec TV and of Telemundothe well-known heartthrob of novels, cinema and theater, Humberto Zuritajust recently become a woman due to a very powerful motivesame of which talked about it in a recent interview for the media, leaving his millions of followers very surprised with this … Read more

These were the CONDITIONS that Adela Noriega required to act in a soap opera

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One of the most outstanding and professional actresses in the world of national entertainment, she is Adela Noriega; also called as “the Queen of Mexican soap operas”. Since the actress participated in ‘Quinceañera’, she stood out for being very professional, which is why one of her producers revealed what the conditions that Adela Noriega demanded … Read more