They do old-fashioned action in Liam Neeson’s new movie ‘Blacklight’

They do old fashioned action in Liam Neesons new movie Blacklight

With the green screen in the background, the public has been able to see flying dragons, trips to space and world wars, and although technology is a good ally in the seventh art, the director Mark Williams he preferred to go back to basics and do action scenes without using special effects, with the help … Read more

Could Juanes’ new old-fashioned concert give a twist to the way of presenting live music?

Could Juanes new old fashioned concert give a twist to the

MIAMI.- “I want you to see with your ears.” With that impossible proposal, Juanes received his fans in the first two concerts of his “Origen” tour, which started in the city of Miami this weekend. “We have spent a lot of time glued to the screens, now that we are all here together, I want … Read more

Operation Swordfish: Hugh Jackman in a beautiful peak of old-fashioned 2000s

Operation Swordfish Hugh Jackman in a beautiful peak of old fashioned

Some remember it for its introductory scene and spectacular slow-motion blast, others for Halle Berry and Hugh Jackman or John Travolta’s questionable facial hair, and a few perhaps for its action sequences. On the other hand, no one will boast Operation Swordfish for the treatment of its female characters, the realism of its scenario or … Read more