Octavio Ocaña: what will happen to “Benito Rivers” in the new season of Neighbors

Octavio Ocana what will happen to Benito Rivers in the

Los Rivers (Photo: Instagram / @ Neighborsoficial) After little more than two months of the unfortunate death of Octavio Ocana, the recordings of the new season of Neighbors, the series that saw him grow both personally and professionally, so it transcended what happened to the endearing Benito Rivers in history, a character that the actor … Read more

Neighbors 2022: the first images of the new season already without Octavio Ocaña

Neighbors 2022 the first images of the new season already

The Neighbors series no longer has the participation of Polo Ortín or Octavio Ocaña (Photo: Instagram / @ neighborsoficial) Darío Ripoll Y Lalo Spain They showed some pictures from the recording set of Neighbors, a humorous series that has been broadcast since 2005 and was created by Eugenio Derbez. Seasons 12 and 13 will be … Read more

How much is Octavio Ocaña’s fortune? Was he a millionaire?

How much is Octavio Ocanas fortune Was he a millionaire

Octavio Ocaña millionaire? how much is your fortune | Instagram A few days after turning 23 years old, Octavio Ocana He lost his life, raising endless doubts about the case and about his life, one of the most recent was to know how much the fortuna of “Benito” from Neighbors. Surely upon hearing that the … Read more

Octavio Ocaña policemen mocked the father of the actor from Vecinos

1636046106 Octavio Ocana policemen mocked the father of the actor from

Actor Octavio Ocaña’s father reveals that the police made fun of how his son died He assures that the agents laughed at the actor of the series of ‘Neighbors’ It also surprises with a statement about omissions in medical aid to the artist A new revelation from the father of actor Octavio Ocaña, who played … Read more

“It was something sown”, Octavio Ocaña’s father denies the official

It was something sown Octavio Ocanas father denies the official

Octavio Ocaña, his father denies the official, “he was sown” | Reform The unfortunate case of the departure of Octavio Ocana it continues to give a lot to talk about and will continue in the face of the disagreements with the authority regarding the clarification of the facts; It is his own father who has … Read more

From Octavio Ocaña to María Rubio: these are the Neighbors actors who have died

From Octavio Ocana to Maria Rubio these are the Neighbors

The memory of his characters will be indelible in the memory of the spectators (Photo: Special and Instagram) On October 29, Mexico woke up with news that shocked avid viewers: Octavio Ocaña, a young 22-year-old actor recognized for his role as “Benito” in the series Neighbors, died from a bullet impact after a persecution within … Read more

Octavio Ocaña’s illusion that YES was fulfilled; It was one of the last joys of the actor from Neighbors

Octavio Ocanas illusion that YES was fulfilled It was one

It’s not a secret for fans of the show. “Neighbors” that Octavio Ocaña, who played Benito Rivers, I was a fan of Cruz Blue; However, what not many knew was the level of passion he felt for this team. During an interview he had with the cast of the show “Tell me now! “, the … Read more

They kill Mexican actor Octavio Ocaña, known as ‘Benito’ in the series ‘Neighbors’

They kill Mexican actor Octavio Ocana known as Benito in

Mexican actor Octavio Ocaña, known for his character Benito in the series Neighbors, died on Friday afternoon: the 22-year-old was allegedly shot dead while traveling in his truck in the municipality of Cuautitlán Izcalli, State of Mexico, according to El Universal. The facts are still unclear. Mexican actor Octavio Ocaña, who died this Friday at … Read more

Octavio Ocaña Vecinos Benito dies from a firearm impact

1635623734 Octavio Ocana Vecinos Benito dies from a firearm impact

Mexican actor Octavio Ocaña of the series Neighbors dies Famous for playing the character Benito since his childhood He is shot in the head with a firearm Mexican Televisa actor Octavio Ocaña dies, famous for playing the character Benito in the series “Neighbors” from his childhood, at the age of 22. its demise occurred when … Read more

Biography of Octavio Ocaña who made Benito in Neighbors

Biography of Octavio Ocana who made Benito in Neighbors

Octavio Ocaña, famous Televisa actor for his participation since he was a child in the series Neighbors, He died, as reported by the company he was working for, as well as several of his colleagues, including Lalo Spain. In view of the sad death, it is important to remember the trajectory of the young that … Read more