Luis Fonsi postponed “until further notice” his concert in Venezuela after threats and insults from Diosdado Cabello

Luis Fonsi postponed until further notice his concert in Venezuela scaled

Luis Fonsi postponed “until further notice” his concert in Venezuela after threats and insults from Diosdado Cabello Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi postponed his concert in Venezuelascheduled for next October 28, after the attacks and threats of Chavismo’s number two, God given hairearlier this month. “The concert of Luis Fonsi The Perfect Night Tour 2022originally … Read more

The shocking detail in an iconic scene from Titanic that few managed to see, did you notice?

Great films tend to attract the viewer’s gaze on more than one occasion. Such is the case of the blockbuster and multi-award winning titanica that, between its initial exhibition, more reruns and repetitions on TV, was seen countless times by the public. However, there are still pearls that were ignored even by the most ardent … Read more

Friend, notice: Kenta reminds Viridiana of the love triangle she lived with Yusef and Cathe in Survivor Mexico (VIDEO)

As the grand finale draws near “Survivor Mexico”, many of the current contestants are not afraid to make shocking revelations in front of thousands of viewers, because at this point in the competition everything has become personal between the contestants. One of the most talked about scandals of this season was the romance that arose … Read more

Why do the movies include a notice that any resemblance to reality is “purely coincidental”? The lawsuit that changed cinema forever almost 90 years ago

First trailer for Weird The Al Yankovic Story Daniel Radcliffe

There are countless films that include a notice during the credit titles clarifying that “the characters and events portrayed in this film are completely fictitious. Any resemblance to actual persons (dead or alive) or actual events is entirely coincidental.“. Have you ever wondered why it is? Today we bring you the answer, and for this … Read more

Spider-Man: No Way Home has a nod to Thor: Ragnarok and you probably didn’t notice it

Spider Man No Way Home has a nod to Thor Ragnarok

Spider-Man: No Way Home It was a delight for the fans of both Spidey like Marvel Studios. It was recently officially published film script where all the details can be found and coincidentally one of its pages confirms a hilarious wink to the third God of Thunder movie, Thor: Ragnarök. In No Way Home Peter … Read more

Is Ryan Reynolds back? Red Notice sequels confirmed

Is Ryan Reynolds back Red Notice sequels confirmed

Finally confirmed what many already anticipated. Netflix Greenlit Sequels Red Notice, the successful action movie that became the most popular film in the history of the platform. Thus, work will begin on two new stories to be launched simultaneously. Red Notice sequels confirmed Although only months have passed since the premiere of Red alert, The … Read more

The movies that displaced Red Notice as Netflix’s most-watched movie

The movies that displaced Red Notice as Netflixs most watched movie

The N platform is increasingly consolidating its original productions. Not only in the field of awards, but also in the response of the public. The ranking it produces Netflix of the most viewed movies on that platform, it had been led by Red Notice (Red Alert), an original action comedy about an Interpol agent (Dwyane … Read more

Dwayne Johnson assured that his biggest challenge has been Red Notice

1636979630 Dwayne Johnson assured that his biggest challenge has been Red

Dwayne Johnson has shot many action films but assured that Red Notice it is among the most complicated projects of his career. Not because of physical effort but because of emotional tension. “It was the most challenging filming,” La Roca said in an interview with EFE hours before the theatrical release of this action film … Read more

Red Notice: should we see the movie starring Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot?

Red Notice should we see the movie starring Dwayne Johnson

RED NOTICE. Gal Gadot, Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds star in the movie Red Notice, available on Netflix. Is it worth it? The opinion of critics. Red Notice is the last robbery film available on Netflix. Casting together Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot, this feature film follows an FBI profiler and two of … Read more

‘How to Train Your Dragon 2’: The movie has a gay character that you surely did not notice

1636602708 How to Train Your Dragon 2 The movie has a

‘How to Train Your Dragon 2’ was one of the 2015 Oscar contender animations, as it addressed messages of bonding through colorful characters but did you know that all this time there was a gay character and you didn’t realize it? There are animated films that, regardless of our age, are always a good option … Read more