‘Blockbuster’, review: Netflix laughs at the nostalgia of millennials

Blockbuster review Netflix laughs at the nostalgia of millennials

Since its first episode, the seriesand Blockbuster he makes it clear that he will base his premise on a curious version of the metanarrative. Timmy Yoon (Randall Park) must deal with a customer who reminds him that, for better or worse, the store he works for has “gone out of style.” Even more so, that … Read more

Reminder: Tomas Verdes between melancholy, nostalgia and a small reunion of Americania – Revista Ladosis

Reminder Tomas Verdes between melancholy nostalgia and a small reunion

Photo: Vanessa Guacache The Venezuelan singer-songwriter living in Madrid, Armando Áñez, premiered his second album Tomas Verdes live, together with an exceptional band ReminderConcert in Clamores Hall, Madrid (September 29, 2022) Since his relocation to Spain, Armando Añez He hasn’t stopped making music. The complicated thing about migrating lowered the hype to hear what’s new … Read more

Kingdom Hearts was about to have an animated series in 2003 and its pilot episode is a dart of nostalgia

Why has there never been an animated series of Kingdom Hearts? The franchise cries out to heaven for an adaptation of this type, but the truth is that it has never been produced… or has it? Seth Kearsley, director of Eight Crazy Nights, has unearthed from the depths of his house a unmissable gem. And … Read more

“Argentina, 1985”, the success of a film, the nostalgia of an exemplary justice

by Sonia Avalos The film “Argentina, 1985”, about the historic trial that condemned the commanders of the dictatorship (1976-1983) is on its way to breaking box office records in the countrywhere the assessment of that process contrasts with the criticism of the current judicial system. The film, by director Santiago Mitre, represents the country in … Read more

Teenage nostalgia: Floricienta becomes a trend on Twitter after a concert in Israel

3 facts you didnt know about Benedict Cumberbatchs Lamborghini

Floricentathe character played by the Argentine actress Flor Bertotti in the novel of the same name, became a trend on Twitter this morning, after hundreds of fans shared videos of her singing the songs of the youthful success, in Israel. The social network shows messages like: «Floricenta he returned”, “I need a tour of Latin … Read more

Nostalgia. Peugeot 304: the look of Sophia Loren in a breathtaking little convertible!

Nostalgia Peugeot 304 the look of Sophia Loren in a

When it was launched in 1969, the Peugeot 304 tried to pass itself off as an entirely new car. The body of 204 is seen lengthened by two centimeters at the front, when the rear part grows by thirteen centimeters. The year is erotic and the novelty takes up the stylistic codes of the 504, … Read more

Indiana Jones 5 deals a blow to nostalgia by confirming the return of a beloved character

Although 2023 has a large number of movies on its list, without a doubt one of the strongest will be indiana jones 5. The fifth and last film of the saga had its great moment during the D23Expo of Disney. Those present were able to see a small fragment of the footage and now the … Read more

Pure Nostalgia: Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor’s Reaction After Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert

Pure Nostalgia Nine Inch Nails Trent Reznors Reaction After Taylor

On September 3, the Taylor Hawkins tribute concert in London and then what can we tell them; It was an emotional show in every way. Foo Fighters It brought a lot of high-caliber guests to pay tribute to its legendary drummer and it was one of those presentations that make your skin crawl, one that … Read more

El futuro es el pasado: as nos hemos convertido en adictos a la nostalgia

El futuro es el pasado asi nos hemos convertido en

Actualizado Sbado, 2 julio 2022 – 16:09 El miedo al futuro y las dudas sobre el progreso explican por qu la nostalgia contagia toda la cultura pop Stranger Things 4. Seres Un error de Stranger Things obliga a editar un episodio de la temporada 2 Msica Dua Lipa impone sus reglas en el Primavera Sound … Read more

First minutes of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero; a punch of nostalgia that you will love

First minutes of Dragon Ball Super Super Hero a punch

Toei Animation has published the first five minutes of his new film, Dragon Ball Super: Super Heroin which we see a recapitulation of the great events that have been experienced on earth with Goku of protagonist. As you can see in the video that heads the article, during the first minutes, with a spectacular visual … Read more