“I’m bad because I asked for a DNA test, but if someone else asks for it, it’s normal”

1652526747 Im bad because I asked for a DNA test but

A question about the postponement of the concert with which he resumed the “Cerca de ti” tour was the origin of an unusual confession. As is known, William Davila has preferred not to delve into the relationship he has with his son Basque Madueño and the details of a subject that has brought him into … Read more

Everything ready for the Oscars, which return to “normal”

1648426792 Everything ready for the Oscars which return to normal

Everything prepared on this sunny Sunday, with 19 degrees Celsius in The Angelsfor the 94th edition of the Oscar; some awards that return to ‘normality’ after the conditioning factors of the pandemic and that, with the exception of the category of best actress, has clear favorites to win the statuettes. The Dolby Theater, in the … Read more

“In Nicaragua nothing is normal”, the cry of opponents to Christian Nodal to cancel concert

In Nicaragua nothing is normal the cry of opponents to

After the concert in Nicaragua of the Mexican singer Christian Nodal was officially announced, opponents have started a campaign asking the artist to cancel the event, as they assure that “nothing is normal”, highlighting the recent trials of the more than 40 political prisoners elections, constant repression and human rights violations. “Nicaragua lives under a … Read more

Let the show begin: what the new normal sounds like at concerts

Let the show begin what the new normal sounds like

Producing concerts is a task for titans. It is celebrated with joy to see face-to-face shows again, but not so much the numbers that these generate for the business. Even so, the reactivation is underway and the arrival of international artists is being scheduled on the calendar. Profitable shows and new bets As recorded by … Read more

José Luis Perales, the triumph of a normal man in Cap Roig

Jose Luis Perales the triumph of a normal man in

Jose Luis Perales, that normal gentleman from Cuenca who, to seek inspiration, goes for a walk in the countryside (“where, sometimes, the muses await me & rdquor;), represents the triumph of the song over the charisma and eccentricity of the star. Discreet factory of hits with legs, in other voices or yours, brought this farewell … Read more

Without vaccination, you are left without cinema and concerts: France’s passage towards the authentic “new normal”

1626172756 Without vaccination you are left without cinema and concerts Frances

When will we get back to normal? The question has haunted the head of half humanity since a strange virus detected in China paralyzed the life of the planet from one day to the next. The answer today seems closer: when we will have vaccinated 70% of the population. But maybe not even then. The … Read more

British music, the most exportable

The British music industry registered its record in revenue from exports abroad in 2020: 519.7 million pounds (604.82 million euros), thanks to artists such as Dua Lipa, Harry Styles or The Beatles. According to data from the British Phonographic Industry (BPI), published today, they represent a growth of 6% compared to 2019, mainly thanks to … Read more