This is how Carlos Vives lived his concert in Seattle, USA, after receiving six Latin Grammy nominations

This is how Carlos Vives lived his concert in Seattle

Carlos Vives transmits happiness to his fans on social networks because of his “After all, Vives” tour. Instagram: Carlos Vives The tour that leads Carlos Vives in the North American country it has gone satisfactorily. Despite the challenges he has had to go through, the singer is determined to continue with his projects and to … Read more

2022 Emmy Awards nominations: complete list of series, actors and actresses by category

3 facts you didnt know about Benedict Cumberbatchs Lamborghini

The Emmys honor the best of television 2:00 (CNN) — Everything is ready for the 74th edition of the Emmy Awards, which honor the best of television. The announcement of the nominees last July brought good news for the cast and creative teams of Succession Y ted lasso. The series obtained several nominations in the … Read more

The most watched movie on Netflix that will shake you second by second; got 3 major nominations

Meta continues its expansion across Web 30 with the announcement

Various streaming platforms join the competition to give the public diverse content that ranges from series and movies of the drama and psychological horror genre to productions based on real events or dramas with touches of suspense, as is the case with the production that is already inside of the top 10 of the most … Read more

HBO Max: The new dramatic movie that got more than 8 nominations for its great story; you will cry when you see it

Elon Musk countersues Twitter alleging that it did not detail

The streaming platform options are becoming more extensive, and it is that apps such as HBO Max, Amazon Prime video, Netflix, Star Plus and Disney Plus contain an increasingly extensive catalog, so users often get confused what type of audiovisual to choose to enjoy in the company of your loved ones; for this reason, we … Read more

The great career of Rosamund Pike: her films and her nominations

The great career of Rosamund Pike her films and her

Rosamund Pike is a British actress known for her very diverse roles. From Marie Curry to Amy Dunne (Gone Girl), this actress knew how to develop her game by knowing how to blend completely into her character. Without any difficulty, she goes from a vulnerable young woman to a great manipulator. Thanks to her remarkable … Read more

Who is the person with the most Oscar nominations in history?

When we talk about the Oscar awards, it is impossible not to think of all the films, directors, performers and other people who are part of the cinema. This is because this event is responsible for rewarding the great references of each year. Undoubtedly, this is quite a complicated task because there are many productions … Read more

Laura Bozzo reacts excitedly to nominations for elimination of La Casa de los Famosos 2

Laura Bozzo reacts excitedly to nominations for elimination of La

IE 11 is not supported. For an optimal experience visit our site on another browser. UP NEXT Chyno reappears and assures that he is recovering from his health crisis 01:19 Christian Nodal: Feminist groups ask to be accused of ‘Olympia law’ in Mexico 00:40 “Thank the public very much”: Lucía Méndez receives a tribute for … Read more

The filmmaker with the most nominations in the history of the Oscar Awards

The Oscar awards It is one of the most important events in the world of cinema. Both for fans of the seventh art, as well as for the people who are in charge of making films throughout the year. The directors They have a very important role in the production of a film. Therefore, his … Read more

Actors with the most nominations who have not won an Oscar

1648283448 Actors with the most nominations who have not won an

Digital Millennium Mexico City / 03.25.2022 15:09:30 A couple of years ago the renowned actor, Leonardo Di Caprio was marked for being one of the actors who, despite having great performances and being nominated on more than one occasion, could not lift an Oscar statuette.r. That curse was broken in 2015 when he won his … Read more

Artists who have never won an Oscar despite multiple nominations

Artists who have never won an Oscar despite multiple nominations

By not achieving it at the first opportunity, we think that ‘third time is the charm’ or that ‘there is no bad fifth’. But how do you console yourself if you’re Paul Thomas Anderson or Diane Warren and you haven’t made it on the ninth or thirteenth try? They and other colleagues will seek on … Read more