Michelle Yeoh and other celebrities nominated for the first time at the Oscars

1674662089 Michelle Yeoh and other celebrities nominated for the first time

The films nominated for Oscar 2023 They were announced on January 24. In this way, we had a pleasant surprise in the acting categories: 16 actors have received a nomination for the first time. This is a fact to highlight if we consider that they are twenty the interpreters who achieved a mention. That is, … Read more

Neither Chainsaw Man nor Bocchi the Rock! were nominated for the Anime Awards — Kudasai

1674199378 Neither Chainsaw Man nor Bocchi the Rock were nominated for

This afternoon, the platform crunchyroll announced the nominees for the award Anime Awards, which decorate the different anime productions that were released during the year in question (or something like that). It turns out that one of the categories is called “Anime of the Year“, which is considered the most important award, but many series … Read more

Ana de Armas, ‘Argentina, 1985’ and ‘Pinocchio’, by del Toro, nominated for the BAFTAs of British cinema

Ana de Armas Argentina 1985 and Pinocchio by del Toro

the german film No news at the front has become this thursday for the foreign language film with the most BAFTA Film Award nominations in the history of the British Academy and topped the list of nominations with 14. The film, an adaptation of the 1929 novel about World War I, opt for 14 awards … Read more

Nominated for the Goya Awards: who is Carmen Arrufat, the actress who plays Sara in “Elite”

Nominated for the Goya Awards who is Carmen Arrufat the

The sixth season of “Elite” arrives recharged on the platform Netflix. Although we will stop seeing some faces like Samuel’s, who died at the end of the previous installment, the entry of new actors aroused the interest of the followers. One of those who will be part of the cast is Carmen Arrufat, who will … Read more

More than 80% of attendees to the Bad Bunny show in Lima nominated their tickets to avoid scams

More than 80 of attendees to the Bad Bunny show

Concertgoers have already registered their tickets for Bad Bunny’s concerts in Lima. After the embarrassing case of Pamela Cabanillasthe alleged leader of ‘The QR of the scam’, the platform teleticket announced in a statement that those attending the concert of bad bunny They must nominate their entries with their full names and ID. In this … Read more

‘When I sing, I go around my island’. 95-year-old Cuban nominated for a Grammy as revelation artist

When I sing I go around my island 95 year old Cuban

Cuban singer-songwriter Ángela Álvarez is nominated for a Latin Grammy for Best New Artist. Courtesy The new version of Father of the Bride makes three important discoveries, how much Gloria Estefan has grown as an actress, especially the good chemistry she has with Andy García; how spectacular places that we consider “the patio of our … Read more

Why Ana de Armas deserves to be nominated for an Oscar for her role as Marilyn Monroe

Why Ana de Armas deserves to be nominated for an

It was one of the most coveted and sought after roles in recent Hollywood and, based on the result, we are not surprised in the least. Blonde, the film adaptation of the life, work, miracles and sins – own and others – of Marilyn Monroe, a role for which actresses like Jessica Chastain or Naomi … Read more

Who is Ángela Álvarez, the 95-year-old Cuban grandmother nominated for a Latin Grammy for best new artist

Who is Angela Alvarez the 95 year old Cuban grandmother nominated for

Angel Bermudez (@angelbermudez) BBC News World 6 hours image source, Courtesy Gravitas Ventures Caption, Ángela Álvarez during her presentation at the Ávalon Theater in Los Angeles. When I remind her that she is nominated for the Latin Grammy Awards for best new artist, Ángela Álvarez lets out a very sincere “wow”. It’s as if he … Read more

Bardo and Argentina, 1985 compete at the Venice Film Festival and are nominated to win the Oscar

Bardo and Argentina 1985 compete at the Venice Film Festival

Ricardo Darín, protagonist of Argentina, 1985 and Alejandro González Iñárritu, director of Bardo With the lights of venice festival appearing on the horizon, and while their respective premieres are awaited for the general public, Latin American cinema begins to throb the Oscars ceremony with the award for best international film as target. It is that … Read more