Christian Nodal resumes successful concert tour

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MEXICO — Regional Mexican singer Christian Nodal resumed his 2022 concert tour, with three successful performances last weekend, after a well-deserved vacation where he dedicated himself to resting and composing music. The creator of the so-called “mariacheño” style, sang for more than 50 thousand followers for three days in different concerts. He began in Bucaramanga, … Read more

Lupillo Rivera gives advice to Christian Nodal to overcome Belinda

The singer Lupillo Rivera sent advice to Christian Nodal so that he could forget Belinda after his so-called sentimental breakup. Though Nodal finally seems to have overcome the thunder with Belinda, Well, he enjoys spending time with his new girlfriend, the Argentine rapper Cazzu, with whom he has recently been seen together. However, Lupillo did … Read more

Lupillo Rivera’s advice to Christian Nodal to overcome Belinda

Lupillo Riveras advice to Christian Nodal to overcome Belinda

Although the singers did not speak publicly about it at the time, Lupillo Rivera shared some recommendations for the artists, specifically Christian Nodal, to overcome their lovesickness (Photos: Gettyimages, twitter/@dapc24) After Belinda Y Christian Nodal end their courtship, just as he did at the time Lupillo Riverathe Bull of the Corrido shared with the Sonoran … Read more

This is how Christian Nodal and Cazzu enjoyed the Wisin y Yandel concert

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Digital Millennium Mexico City / 08.26.2022 14:54:49 This is how you live a romance! Several videos on social networks captured Christian Nodal and Cazzu enjoying one of the most anticipated concerts and you can see that the young Argentine is a great follower of the pioneers in her genre. It was during the farewell tour … Read more

VIDEO: Christian Nodal and Cazzu appear for the first time together at an award ceremony

VIDEO Christian Nodal and Cazzu appear for the first time

The 2022 Gardel Awards gala, the prize awarded by the Argentine Chamber of Phonogram and Videogram Producers (Capif) to the best music in that country, gave much to talk about at the Movistar Arena in Buenos Aires, Argentina, as in installment number 24 one of the protagonists was the singer of Regional Mexicano, Christian Nodalas … Read more

Shock on TV Azteca: Christian Nodal appears without tattoos on his face and radically loses weight

Mexico City.- The famous and young singer of the Mexican regional, Christian Nodalagain just leave in complete shock to his millions of followers on social media Aztec TVWell, this one just appear unrecognizablesince it does not have no tattoo on face and with a very radical weight lossWell, it is very noticeable that he has … Read more

Christian Nodal: the millionaire scam suffered by the Mexican singer (and what other celebrities were deceived by the same person)

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During the past weekend, the news broke that the businessman Luis Oswaldo Espinoza would have defrauded more than 130 people, fraud that allegedly affected several Mexican celebrities. Through a video, Espinoza, who owned one of the most recognized real estate agencies in Mexico, Professional Legal Advisorsconfessed to having deceived his investors for months. Also, the … Read more

Christian Nodal: the singer’s response to Cazzu’s alleged pregnancy (and his mysterious message on social networks)

Christian Nodal the singers response to Cazzus alleged pregnancy and

Christian Nodal and CazzuDuring the last months, have been romantically linked due to their multiple trips together and his constant displays of affection in public. The rumors surrounding his alleged courtship began after the singer of Goodbye Love and the Argentine rapper they were seen walking hand in hand in the streets of Antigua Guatemala … Read more

Video: the unpublished kiss of Bad Bunny and Cazzu in full concert (and the supposed concern that it caused in Christian Nodal)

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The Argentine rapper CazzuDuring the last months, has been a trend due to the release of his album cheating babe Already the rumors about his alleged romantic relationship with Christian Nodal. Despite this, in the last hours the interpreter of The trap has given something to talk about after A video came to light in … Read more

Christian Nodal and Cazzu in a romantic way enjoyed the Wisin y Yandel concert in Guatemala

Christian Nodal and Cazzu in a romantic way enjoyed the

Wisin y Yandel’s concert in Guatemala was a great success. Photo: Jose R. Madera/Getty Images The singers Wisin and Yandelalso known in the world of entertainment as ‘The duo of history’ a few months ago they announced that after almost 25 years working together they would tour as well as the release of their new … Read more