Johnny Depp against Amber Heard: how the networks created a story parallel to the biggest court show of this millennium

The trial facing the actor Johnny Depp and the actress Amber Heard has marked a before and after in the media culture. It was not difficult to guess the interest that a case between two Hollywood characters would raise, with very serious accusations involved and broadcast openly before the eyes of the world. What is … Read more

Mike Shinoda vs. Music Industry: It is better to make music and not videos for social networks | rock garage

mike shinodamember of the band link park, joined the list of artists who have spoken out about the pressure bands and soloists receive to create content for social networks. Obviously, his position is to invest more time to make music. • READ ALSO: Linkin Park announces news: “We knew it was a matter of time”. … Read more

The inclusion of the Iron Giant in MultiVersus generates controversy and debates on social networks

MultiVersusthe smash of Warner that brings everything together its universe of characters in a single video game, finally confirmed that his open alpha arrives in July. He announced it with an entertaining trailer in which there are lots of references from members of DC Comics, cartoon Network and everything that has to do with the … Read more

Christian Nodal: The singer’s sister defends him after new controversy in networks for a video of them during a dance

Mexican country singer Christian Nodal is located in the center of the public eye after her recent scandal in which she is involved the mother of his former partner Belinda, as well as a leaked conversation that Nodal uploaded to his social networks. This time the singer is again in another controversy where users of … Read more

Singer compares Cristian Castro with “Beetlejuice” and this is how social networks responded – Prensa Libre

During this week Cristian Castro was in Venezuela and was received with appreciation by his public. From the moment he got off the plane, Cristian expressed his joy for this in the country of the South. “I am very happy to be with you tonight, already arriving here in Caracas. I haven’t been here for … Read more

Chyno Miranda reappeared in networks and revealed his state of health

The Venezuelan interpreter Chyno Miranda appeared again on social networks to tell his followers about his state of health and also make an invitation. The video was published on the account of the Venezuelan influencer Marco Pérez, who is better known as Marko. “We come to clarify certain things about what is happening with the … Read more

“Doctor Strange 2”: the reason why Elizabeth Olsen does not use social networks

Doctor Strange 2 what inspired the final scene of The

Social networks have become a tool used by millions of human beings to be able to connect and interact with other people no matter where they are. However, there are some movie stars like elizabeth olsenprotagonist of “Doc Strange 2″, who have said ‘No’ to this type of virtual platform. MORE INFORMATION: What Inspired The … Read more

Laura Bozzo turned on social networks by showing herself without makeup in ‘La Casa de los Famosos 2’

TV presenter Laura Bozzo made the networks explode after he came out during one of the broadcasts of ‘The House of Famous 2’ without a drop of makeup. After what could be seen, she is a completely different person than what she is used to seeing. The critics did not wait because there are many … Read more

The movie that is trending on the networks and you have to see before it leaves Netflix

The social media are always at the forefront of the seventh art, carrying trailers, leaks, recommendations and more. On this occasion the networks were in charge of converting trending topic (hot topic) to a classic of classics, one of the best movies ever. The situation began with a tweet that recalled the work of the … Read more

365 days 2: the controversial scene that everyone makes fun of on social networks

The movie ‘365 days: That day‘, a sequel to the hit ‘365 days’, premiered in Netflix a few days ago and has quickly become the most viewed on the streaming platform. The story of Laura (Anna-Maria Sieklucka) and Massimo (Michele Morrone) continues with more risque and controversial scenes. In this second installment of the erotic … Read more