Diana Carolina, the trend in social networks for broadcasting the Bad Bunny concert on TikTok | Music | Entertainment

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck work together again entering fully

A number of 26 thousand people connected to the Tik Tok account of Diana Carolina to enjoy, from your devices, the ‘World’s Hottest Tour’ that Bad Bunny offered tonight at the Atahualpa Olympic Stadium. Fans dress in Bad Bunny style for their concert in Quito For two hours the user broadcast from TikTok one of … Read more

A movie heartthrob?: Sofia Petro boasts the face of her boyfriend in networks

A movie heartthrob Sofia Petro boasts the face of her

Sofía Petro captured the attention of the media in Colombia for her great style, in addition to the clear fact of being one of the daughters of President Gustavo Petro. Since his victory at the polls, the cameras have followed the new presidential family in all its movements. The young woman is a political science … Read more

The photo of Laura Bozzo’s “new face” that went viral on social networks

The photo of Laura Bozzos new face that went viral

Laura Bozzo is popular for her iconic phrase “Let the unfortunate pass” (Photo: MEZCALEN) Laura Bozzo maybe is, one of the most beloved international TV presenters and, at the same time, most criticized on the small screen. Since her foray into television in 1994, she has not stopped reaping triumphs in her professional career. In … Read more

“There are no more movie stars”: Jennifer Aniston misses the past and the time when there were no social networks

There are no more movie stars Jennifer Aniston misses the

A few decades have passed since a pizpireta Jennifer Aniston dance in a fountain with his friends to the rhythm of The Rembrandts. Along the way there have been painful separations, movies, series and the current perception that at 53 he has a mix of homesickness, bad blood and no mince on his tongue. The … Read more

Zac Efron appears unrecognizable in his new production and the networks explode

Rosalia in Mexico City You have my heart stolen

The famous and beloved American actor Zack Efron He is already recognized worldwide thanks to different participations he made when he was younger, such as his performance in the Disney production High School Musical. During the last few days, the actor was once again on everyone’s lips since he reappeared completely changed for a new … Read more

The best MEMES on networks left by Zack Efron’s NEW look for ‘The Iron Claw’

Returning to the movies this 2022, after suffering the accident that caused him to undergo an operation since he landed with his chin on a granite fountain. Zack Efron is better than ever to bring to life The Iron Clawhowever, after announcing the new look to bring this character to life, Zac has been the … Read more

Daddy Yankee in Guatemala: the vibrant video that he published on his networks and shows how the concert on November 2 was

Daddy Yankee in Guatemala the vibrant video that he published

Daddy Yankee, the Puerto Rican who impacted Guatemala with the first concert of his tour “La Última Vuelta World Tour”, on November 2shared a video on social networks that shows how the first date of the event was experienced. The king of reggaeton arrived in Guatemala on November 2 and appeared before more than 15 … Read more

Parody of ‘Monotony’ is viral on networks: ‘Yes, it was your fault, your crap’

Mark Zuckerberg thinks there are people who shouldnt be working

‘Monotonía’, the most recent single released by the Barranquilla singer Shakira, continues to give something to talk about for all the supposed implicit messages it has in reference to the artist’s former marriage to the Spanish soccer player Gerard Piqué. ‘Monotonía’, the most recent single released by the Barranquilla singer Shakira, continues to give something … Read more

Anya Taylor-Joy and Kendall Jenner set the networks on fire with their Halloween costumes

Anya Taylor Joy and Kendall Jenner set the networks on fire

Halloween was celebrated all weekend and there was no shortage of costumes in Hollywood; from Toy Story to Mario Bros, this is how Anya Taylor-Joy, Kendall Jenner and other stars of the medium dressed up. Halloween falls on a Monday, but the weekend was full of parties to celebrate the special day that is the … Read more

It is identical to Ariana Grande, furor in networks and joins OnlyFans: what does the singer think

It is identical to Ariana Grande furor in networks and

Paige Niemann, the “twin” of the pop diva, even received comments from the artist. Look at the video They say that we all have an identical person somewhere in the world. A theory that seems to reach Ariana Grandesince the singer “a clone” almost identical to that rage in social networks and now add adult … Read more