‘All the times we fell in love’: Netflix’s romantic comedy for Valentine’s Day

All the times we fell in love Netflixs romantic comedy

The beginnings of a career in audiovisuals are always decisive in the development of new projects. The experience and creative style begin to be forged from the first works and, in the case of Carlos Montero (The mess you leave), a screenwriter who has been able to contribute to projects as diverse as The commissioner, … Read more

The Pale Blue Eye: Should we see Netflix’s gothic thriller starring Christian Bale?

The Pale Blue Eye Should we see Netflixs gothic thriller

After Glass Onion (2022) and White Noise (2022), Netflix continues to deliver ambitious films with stellar casts. In the gothic thriller The Pale Blue Eye, available since January 6 on the platform, it is the impressive Christian Bale, Gillian Anderson, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Lucy Boynton and Harry Melling who are bursting the screen. But does the … Read more

Netflix’s “1899”: Can the creators of “Dark” repeat the success, but without time travel?

Netflixs 1899 Can the creators of Dark repeat the success

Before time and space travel became the allies of adventure fiction, the greatest human deeds (and infamies) were set at sea. “Treasure Island”, the Sandokan saga and even the melancholic “Moby Dick” had in common that which is deep, mysterious and dangerous. “1899” of Netflix he wants to recover that feeling of discovery, but in … Read more

Netflix’s unwavering hit starring Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill

After a long wait of two years, the second part of ‘Enola Holmes‘, a mystery and adventure film starring two stars that shine in cinema, Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill. Despite its recent release on November 4, the film managed to rank among the most viewed of Netflix and it is because the users … Read more

Quiet on the Front: the success of Netflix’s visceral anti-war film

Quiet on the Front the success of Netflixs visceral anti war

New version on the battlefront. Originally written in 1929 by Erich Maria Remarque, No news at the front it had a remembered film version in 1930. It won two statuettes at the Oscars, the most important of the ceremony, Best Film and Best Director (Lewis Milestone). Less Remembered is a telefilm from the year 1979 … Read more

Maribel Guardia refused to participate in Netflix’s “reality” that caused a lawsuit between Mexican divas

Maribel Guardia refused to participate in Netflixs reality that caused

A diva drama. Those words are the ones that sum it up perfectly. you always queenthe new rreality show Netflix that shows the true face of the beloved Mexican actresses and singers Laura Zapata, Lucía Méndez, Sylvia Pasquel and Lorena Herrera. Lawsuits, annoyances and a lot of drama will mark the six episodes of the … Read more

Netflix’s ‘A Girl of the 20th Century’ Alternate Endings (They’ll Make You Cry Too)

Netflixs A Girl of the 20th Century Alternate Endings Theyll

A happy ending? Some users expected Netflix’s new Korean romance story ‘A Girl of the 20th Century’ to have a different ending. It’s worth dreaming, that’s why we show you two alternative endings. A few days after its premiere on Netflix, the Korean film A girl of the 20th century has been placed as one … Read more