The series that surpassed “Stranger Things 4” and took the throne of the most watched on Netflix

The Umbrellas must convince the Sparrows to help them right what their arrival might have messed up. (Netflix) Against all odds, the third season of The Umbrella Academy managed to rank above Stranger Things 4 in the catalog of Netflix. The superhero series launched its new episodes on June 22 and, during its first week … Read more

Arrives on Netflix “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”, Tarantino’s film starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie

“Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”, the Quentin Tarantino movie arrives on Netflix. Report by Santiago Garcia. When Quentin Tarantino he had directed only two films (Reservoir Dogs Y pulp fiction) books were already written about him. He was born a legend and has remained so for his fans. The intensity of a career that … Read more

Premieres (June 29): 156 series, movies and documentaries on Netflix, HBO Max, Disney +, Amazon, Filmin, Movistar Plus +, Starzplay and Atresplayer

Do not see the storm of summer that has fallen in writing this article. A little relief from the heat and a little excuse to watch something on the couch. And, like every Wednesday, it’s time to watch the streaming premieres. As this week we change the month and summers usually come loaded, this time … Read more

What is the most watched movie on Netflix Argentina this day

For the Cinema lovers It has never been so easy to have access to a wide catalog of movies as it is now after the emergence of streaming platforms, such as Netflix, although this implies an inconvenience: among such a variety of titles and genres that characterize the new millennium, It is not easy to … Read more

Netflix premieres in July 2022: 91 original series, movies and documentaries

Netflix is ​​not daunted by the approaching heat and summer, and drops a few heavyweights in its catalog: its review of ‘Resident Evil’, the conclusion of ‘Stranger Things’ and its latest blockbuster, ‘The Invisible Agent’. Enough to face the competition that is hot on your heels? These are the Netflix news for this month of … Read more

The horror movie on Netflix that they claim is cursed; Inspired by disturbing true events: Trailer

Within the world of terror it is known that exist various stories that are inspired by real events, since in everyday life around the world there are various atrocious cases that are committed between people. The tape we recommend below is precisely one of the productions that was inspired by a story that happened in … Read more

Stranger Things outshines Netflix releases for the week of June 27-July 3

Share Without a doubt, the North American series is the great protagonist of this week on the red platform. Few occasions are more propitious for subscribe to the North American platform that this week that will end the month of June. Netflix wants the summer and the end of one of the best seasons of … Read more

Netflix will be cheaper but will have ads in return!

Netflix will be cheaper but will have ads in return! Recently, it has been revealed and also confirmed that the famous platform of Netflix will have ads in exchange for being more cheapbecause it seems that its users are less and less. That’s right, the Co-CEO of the company, confirmed that the platform will include … Read more

The movie on Netflix that has just been released and is already among the most viewed

the surprises in Netflix They are often just around the corner. Or around the catalog. In the midst of drastic decisions, numbers that do not stop falling and rethinking strategies, the platform continues to release films that are well received by the public. In this case, the man from toronto premiered on June 24 and … Read more

Netflix has a new subscription: cheaper and with ads

Netflix. (photo: Unsplash) After months of speculation, and with the company itself hinting that the move was imminent, Netflix has confirmed that it will have a cheaper ad subscription. The ad came from Ted Sarandos, co-CEO of Netflix. According to the manager, this proposal will be aimed at all those who consider the current price … Read more