Shock slaps and Francisca Lachapel as Mela La Melaza steal the NBL show

Alejandra Espinoza returns to NBL “stronger than ever” after having health problems The competition had to start and that’s how it made its appearance Francisca Lachapel, who brought ‘The Queen’s Challenge’. The participants were the protagonists of a scene of performance of ‘La Despeinada’ together with Marlene Favela, Pedro Moreno and the irreverent Mela La … Read more

Will Dhanna Barnique Rejoin NBL ?: This announced: “Danha continues”

Will Dhanna Barnique Rejoin NBL This announced Danha continues

Univision Dhanna Barnique was eliminated from Nuestra Belleza Latina The loyals followers of Dhanna Barnique, the girl who fell in love with many during her short stint through the 12th season of Nuestra Belleza Latina, they still have not recovered from the elimination of the beautiful Venezuelan. On Sunday it was revealed that the young … Read more

Look at the unseen photos of the NBL contestants at the 3rd gala: They look like Miss Universe

Look at the unseen photos of the NBL contestants at

Univision Sirey Moran is one of the big favorites to win NBL Our Latin Beauty returned to television screens just a couple of weeks ago, and they’ve been many emotions that until today the show has caused among the public. And more beyond the new concept that Univisión has wanted to promote, with a reality … Read more

Alejandra Espinoza’s neurologist reveals the final diagnosis and how the presenter of NBL is doing

Read transcript ♪continue with us, we talkof our dearAlejandra Espinoza,fortunately it is already therein good condition at home,what we know today was astrong migraine, doctor Juan: that’s right, how do youI have said, I have beenin contact with Alejandrathrough this whole process, andone of the things that I wanted tomade him leave his hospital,is … Read more

Fabién Laurencio de la Concepcion from NBL 2021: What you need to know

Fabien Laurencio de la Concepcion from NBL 2021 What you

Univision Fabién Laurencio de la Concepción is one of the participants of NBL 2021. Fabién Laurencio de la Concepción is one of the ten participants of Our Latin Beauty 2021. During her talent test for the new season of NBL, the Cuban had to present a television commercial to promote a cereal in the company … Read more

Hurricanes and fires unleash praise and harsh criticism of NBL participants

As had already been announced prior to this episode, the host Alejandra Espinoza had to be absent on this occasion from the broadcast for health reasons, but Giselle Blondet replaced her masterfully, remembering the time when she was the host of this reality show, exactly for seven seasons, and sent her best wishes to her … Read more

The 10 NBL participants are at risk of elimination and here are the phone numbers to support your favorite

Read transcript adal: on the table sat thetension.giselle: that’s not easy at all.tension was felt throughout theI study, but it doesn’t end therebecause it’s time to meetwhat are the threatenedthe night after seeing hisperformance in the report inwhere the judges will take thedecision and I asked youpass to the center ofstage because we have aannouncement … Read more

Maribel de Santiago: the contestant rejected in 5 auditions to be NBL

Maribel de Santiago the contestant rejected in 5 auditions to

Mezcalent Contestants from Nuestra Belleza Latina There have been many candidates who have gone through the casting of Nuestra Belleza Latina throughout the 11 seasons in which the Univisión show has been held. And although in each season the judges have given their resounding “no” to all kinds of women, one of the contestants for … Read more