End of the mystery! Madonna announces world tour to celebrate her career

End of the mystery Madonna announces world tour to celebrate.webp

american singer Madonnaconsidered in the music industry as the Queen of Pop, surprised hundreds of her followers on Tuesday by announcing through her official social networks a great world tour whose main objective will be to celebrate his more than four decades in music. It may interest you: What is Madonna up to? He deleted … Read more

Ana de Armas’s dress at the Golden Globes, a mystery: her trends on the red carpet

1673790627 Ana de Armass dress at the Golden Globes a mystery scaled

The Golden Globesthe awards given by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, aim to return in a big way to the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles after a year in which criticism for lack of diversity in the jury and scandals for unethical conduct and controversial financial practices led to an absolute boycott by the … Read more

The mystery movie starring Christian Bale that is number 1 on Netflix

1673652128 The mystery movie starring Christian Bale that is number 1

Based on the homonymous novel by Louis Bayard, the plot follows a detective who investigates a murder at West Point, a military school. Netflix released a new movie starring the actor Christian baleknown for his role as Batman in Christopher Nolan’s trilogy. “The Pale Blue Eye”directed by scott cooperis a great bet of the platform. … Read more

The mystery of the release date of ‘Avatar: The Sense of Water’ on Disney +: why the James Cameron film should take much longer to arrive on streaming

1673555580 The mystery of the release date of Avatar The Sense

The streaming boom It has brought with it that the windows from when a movie hits theaters until it can be seen at home have been significantly shortened. I have no doubt that this has had a notable impact on the box office performance of many titles, but in the case of ‘Avatar: The Sense … Read more

Review of 1899, the new mystery series from the creators of Dark for Netflix

Review of 1899 the new mystery series from the creators

Baran Bo Odar Y Jantje Friese They blew our heads off with the science-fiction trilogy Dark. Now they return to Netflix with a new series of eight episodes of about 50 minutes on average: 1899, that not only reminds us of it but also expresses the best virtues of that one by recovering cast members, … Read more

‘Stabs in the Back: The Mystery of the Glass Onion’ is one of the best and funniest movies of the year: the Netflix sequel has nothing to envy its predecessor

1668532207 Stabs in the Back The Mystery of the Glass Onion

‘Stabs in the back’ It was one of the most entertaining movies of 2019, which served both to finish launching the career of Ana de Armas in Hollywood to once again show that the public was looking forward to seeing the murder mystery. Then came the big surprise that Netflix had agreed to pay a … Read more

‘1899’: The absorbing new series from the creators of ‘Dark’ is a disturbing sci-fi mystery for Netflix

Teaser trailer for 1899 the creators of Dark return to

One of the series of Netflix most talked about in recent years is ‘dark’, being usual that it is even highlighted positively by those who are more critical of this streaming platform. After its completion in 2020, it was quickly announced that its creators were already working on ‘1899’a new sci-fi horror thriller coming out … Read more

Daniel Craig leaves James Bond behind and travels to Greece to solve a new mystery

Daniel Craig leaves James Bond behind and travels to Greece

Daniel Craig in Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery – Credit: @JOHN WILSON/NETFLIX © 2022 Though Daniel Craig he already said goodbye to his most popular character, James Bond, your adventures as southern detective Benoit Blanc are just beginning. At least that seems to indicate the trailer that Netflix presented today of the film Glass … Read more

An eight-year mystery: the brutal story behind The Stranger, the new thriller that shakes Netflix

An eight year mystery the brutal story behind The Stranger the

Henry (Sean Harris) and Paul (Steve Mouzakis) met for the first time traveling by bus, in an encounter that could have remained as a simple friendly chat between strangers. But they ended up establishing a close friendship that was broken only when Paul was forced to abandon his identity and flee the country due to … Read more