OMICRON was brought by aliens? Films from 1963 and 2013 already spoke of the mutant VARIANT

OMICRON was brought by aliens Films from 1963 and 2013

Written in TRENDS the 1/12/2021 · 10:00 hs Since last Friday, September 26, the name of the new variant of Covid-19, Ómicron, became news and a trend in social networks; However, this is not the first time that humanity has heard this name associated with a dangerous virus. The truth is that, like the WHO, … Read more

The metaverse has a musical band: mutant monkeys inspired by Gorillaz

1637836503 The metaverse has a musical band mutant monkeys inspired by

Key facts: There will be four monkeys representing KINGSHIP, the new NFT band. This is a metaverse grouping that will create your own music. Has competition come to Gorillaz? It seems. A Web3 firm called 10:22 PM, which is responsible for developing artists, intellectual property and supporting digital creators, announced yesterday the formation of the … Read more

Criticism of ‘Freaks Outs’, a comic book mutant movie that has no shame in being one

Criticism of Freaks Outs a comic book mutant movie that

“Grotesque” is an adjective that comes very well to great Freaks Out (Gabriele Manietti, 2021), a reconstruction of superhero cinema in the pure style of Italian pantomime. That is: in excess, beauty and very little shame. With shovelfuls of money and a style that would delight Guillermo del Toro, Jean-Pierre Jeunet or Álex de la … Read more