Musician Lamont Dozier, composer of the great Motown hit factory, dies

Musician Lamont Dozier composer of the great Motown hit factory

The Motown record company wouldn’t have been the same in the ’60s without Lamon Dozier. Despite not being a well-known character to the general public, he formed the historic triplet of the great soul factory together with the Holland brothers, capable of creating dozens of soul hits that year after year were placed at the … Read more

Santiago Auserón, the musician who best dances with ideas in Spanish

If music was only seen as a powerful vehicle to achieve fame and success in a society accustomed to elevating pop idols, Santiago Auserón is an expert in showing that neither fame nor success are that important. In fact, they are not even urgent. pioneer of the Madrid scene with Radio Futura, she became a … Read more

Niall Horan and Lewis Capaldi surprise singing on the street with a musician in Dublin

Jaime Lorente cracks his cornea in a terrible accident in

Music sometimes leaves wonderful and admirable friendships. One of them is the one they share Niall Horan Y lewis capaldi, who are inseparable from the first moment they met and have shared the stage several times singing one of their songs in a duet. However, we still do not have a collaboration between the two. … Read more

Bradley Cooper will face the genius Leonard Bernstein in a Netflix series: this was “the total musician”

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The first signs came with a photograph in which someone very similar, if not himself, to Leonard Bernstein, the exuberant musical genius who marked an era in the second half of the 20th century as conductor, composer and activist for all kinds of causes. And no, it was not the creator of west side storyif … Read more

Diego Bertie: the artist who started as a musician, became an actor and was close to resuming his first passion

Diego Bertie the artist who started as a musician became

the peruvian actor Diego Bertie He died this Friday, August 5 at the age of 54, after falling from the 14th floor of a building in the Miraflores district. Quickly, colleagues from the national and international entertainment industry shared messages mourning his loss. The also singer gave life to different characters throughout his career, for … Read more

John Eliot Gardiner: “I hate Brexit as a musician and a farmer”

John Eliot Gardiner I hate Brexit as a musician and

A John Eliot Gardiner, Brexit has changed his life. She has made it more difficult for him: “I hate it, as a musician and as a farmer,” says the conductor in San Sebastian, who opened the Santander International Festival last Monday and on Tuesday the San Sebastian Musical Fortnight with the Monteverdi Choir and the … Read more

The Funky Torinos celebrate the music of Willy Crook: “In addition to being a great musician, he was a tremendous composer”

The Funky Torinos celebrate the music of Willy Crook In

There was a time when rock finally began to reap all that had been sown in previous decades by the genre in Argentina and local bands took over the stall and went for more. The massiveness to the stick. There were not a few who got on the wave but, always against the grain, Willy … Read more

Cuban musician César “Pupy” Pedroso, founder of Los Van Van, dies in Havana

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Cuban pianist, arranger and composer César “Pupy” Pedroso died this Sunday in Havana at the age of 75, the Cuban Institute of Music confirmed to the official press, without specifying the causes of his death. Twitter: Cubarte HAVANA Cuban pianist, arranger and composer César “Pupy” Pedroso died this Sunday in Havana at the age of … Read more

Cuban musician César Pupy Pedroso dies in Havana

the cuban musician Cesar Pupy Pedroso He died this Sunday in Havana at the age of 75, according to institutions and sources close to the artist. “From the UNEAC we join the pain caused by the death of César Pedroso, Pupy. Pianist, arranger and composer. Member of our organization, founder of the Los Van Van … Read more

My List: Five collaborative albums you have to listen to according to the musician and producer Macabre

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Keyboardist and producer Macabre, formerly Catupecu Machu who now plays with his band Maleboux and has also joined Baltasar Comotto’s group, is an unbridled music lover and chooses for rolling stone their five favorite collaborative albums (not feats. but complete works composed of two). Love This Giant (2012) – St. Vincent and David Byrne «Total … Read more