Cinema – Kurosawa Depardon, Fellini and Bill Murray for the Ciné-Club de Riom season (Puy-de-Dôme)

Portrait Clermontoise Estelle Baldassin has already shot alongside

A new season is starting for the Ciné-club de Riom with a recipe that remains unchanged: “We are not derogating from the principle that has been ours for 13 years of sweeping the widest possible field, of going for classics or films who have not had the success they deserve in their time. It’s eclecticism … Read more

Bill Murray has a birthday! 5 curiosities of the actor

Bill Murray He must be one of the most loved and hated actors in equal measure, but what cannot be denied is that he has a talent that allowed him to own an extensive filmography that includes titles such as Ghostbusters, The Groundhog Day, Lost in Translation, Charlie’s Angels and most of the movies wes … Read more

Actor Bill Murray got screwed! He lost $186,000 in ETH

Actor Bill Murray got screwed He lost 186000 in ETH

American comedian Bill Murray said that bad people managed to break into his wallet and stole over $180,000 worth of Ethereum. According to reliable sources, the actor recently held an NFT auction in which most of the funds recovered were in the wallet in question. The statement showed that the hacker drained 90% of all … Read more

Bill Murray, victim of a crypto theft: they take 182,000 euros in ether raised for charity

Bill Murray victim of a crypto theft they take

A new robbery has been committed in the universe of cryptocurrencies. On this occasion, the victim is none other than actor Bill Murray, known for films like The Ghostbusters Y Caught in time. Specifically, the thieves have seized the 119.2 ether (more than 182,000 euros) that the interpreter had raised at a charity auction for … Read more

Bill Murray revived Groundhog Day for a commercial

What does the name Keanu Reeves mean

Hollywood The 71-year-old actor starred in this film originally translated as time spell in the year 1993. By Federico Carestia 09/03/2022 – 23:48 UTC 09/03/2022 – 23:48 UTC © IMDbBill Murray as Phil in Time Spell. The race of Bill Murray is full of productions that became classics like The Ghostbusters either lost in tokyowhere … Read more

AN ENDLESS DAY – Review of the film by Harold Ramis, with Bill Murray

AN ENDLESS DAY Review of the film by Harold

Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell come together in this romantic comedy where Phil, a very selfish weatherman, wakes up the same day every time. He constantly relives the most terrible day of his life and can determine the events of the day… to perfection! “It’s Groundhog Day!” ” …Again… ? The eternal return Directed and … Read more

Bill Murray replaced by Steve Carell in Wes Anderson’s Asteroid City due to Covid diagnosis | Pretty Reel

Bill Murray replaced by Steve Carell in Wes Andersons Asteroid

Although he was originally announced as one of the cast members of Wes Anderson’s Asteroid City, Anderson’s longtime collaborator Bill Murray was strangely absent from the list of stars aboard the film earlier. this week. According to a report by The Hollywood Reporter, the reason for Murray’s absence was because the actor contracted Covid-19 days … Read more

Bill Murray is not in the latest Wes Anderson movie because of COVID-19

Bill Murray is not in the latest Wes Anderson movie

With the exception of Bottle Rocketdebut of wes anderson, Bill Murray He has been present in all the films of the Texan filmmaker. Rushmore Academy thus marked the beginning of a very fruitful collaboration, beyond how brief Murray’s roles might be, or the fact that on occasions (because it was an animated film Fantastic Mr. … Read more

Coinbase signs a partnership with famous actor Bill Murray

Coinbase signs a partnership with famous actor Bill Murray

Bill Murray is a very famous American-born actor, screenwriter and comedian. He recently decided to start an NFT biographical project. To do this, he has signed a partnership with the Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange, which will present the project in preview. Bill Murray: a rich career in the entertainment industry! Bill Murray (William Murray) was born … Read more

This is what Bill Murray looked like in Ghostbusters

This is what Bill Murray looked like in Ghostbusters

The Ghostbusters it was a success and was recorded as the highest-grossing comedy of the decade. She was even nominated for 2 Oscar Awards and 3 Golden Globes. We remember how she looked back then Bill Murray in the role of Professor Peter Venkman. The parapsychologist professor, Peter Venkman, was excellently played by the actor … Read more