Jacqueline Avant, wife of legendary musician Clarence Avant, murdered

1638451665 Jacqueline Avant wife of legendary musician Clarence Avant murdered

Beverly Hills, California – Jacqueline Avant, a Los Angeles philanthropist and wife of music legend Clarence Avant, was shot dead in Beverly Hills, California, early Wednesday morning, according to authorities and a Netflix spokeswoman. Netflix spokeswoman Emily Feingold confirmed that Avant was killed in a shooting. Avant’s daughter Nicole is married to Ted Sarandos, Netflix’s … Read more

Ridley Scott: “The history of the Gucci is like that of the Borgias or the Medici: they murdered each other to prosper”

1637840102 Ridley Scott The history of the Gucci is like that

Ridley Scott appears on the video call, and the English filmmaker, who will turn 84 next week, appears smiling and happy. He’s in a studio in Los Angeles promoting The Gucci house, which opens tomorrow Friday in Spain, and the launch of The last duel. The talk with this newspaper takes place in the early … Read more

Rapper Young Dolph murdered in Tennessee store

Rapper Young Dolph murdered in Tennessee store

Tennessee – Rapper Young Dolph was shot and killed Wednesday at a cookie store in Memphis, Tennessee and authorities are searching for the perpetrator. Police tweeted that they had no information to release about a possible suspect in the shooting, which occurred at the Makeda’s Cookies store near the Memphis International Airport. “The tragic shooting … Read more

Ana Bertha Lepe, an actress from the Cine de Oro who suffered depression after her father murdered her boyfriend, was this actor

Ana Bertha Lepe an actress from the Cine de Oro

Within the Cine de Oro in Mexico, various personalities they shone and triumphed on the international scene due to their success and their audacity to convey stories through films in those years so important for the seventh art in our country. One of them was precisely Ana Bertha Lepe, a prominent Mexican actress who brightness … Read more

The Taliban murdered a singer after banning music for being “impure”

The Taliban murdered a singer after banning music for being

Andarabi paid for it with his life: he was forcibly removed from his home in the Andarabi Valley, a hundred kilometers north of Acceptance, in the province of Baghlan, and murdered in front of his family in a ferocious execution, according to Fawad, the singer’s son. The news reached the media through the mouth of … Read more

They will offer “a prayer for peace” in memory of the murdered priest

They will offer a prayer for peace in memory of

On June 12, 2021, the religious community lost one of its members. That day, Fray Juan Antonio Orozco he was driving in the van from his parish to celebrate a mass in the community of Tepehuana of Pajaritos, Durango, when he was caught in the middle of a shooting between organized crime groups on the … Read more

This famous actor and director of the golden age film MURDERED a man and was in jail

This famous actor and director of the golden age film

Currently and despite the passing of the years, we can continue to enjoy the classics of Mexican gold cinema, an art that hides many myths and secrets, as well as some legends and even anecdotes of its representatives, such is the case of the outstanding director, actor and film producer Emilio Fernandez Romo, known as … Read more

Bullets by rating: the story of the journalist who murdered to give the scoop on his show

Bullets by rating the story of the journalist who murdered

In the world of television there are those who say that rating it’s everything. But how far are you willing to go to be successful? The Brazilian presenter, Wallace Souza, went a bit beyond the limits and was even accused of organizing and executing murders to later cover them in their program TV Book Channel … Read more

The day that the “Indio” Fernández murdered a man

The day that the Indio Fernandez murdered a man

The film director and actor always generated some fear in the eyes of people due to his strong character (Photo: Twitter @MuseoPresidente) “The Mexican charro means for me and for all Mexicans the symbol of manhood and Mexicanness”, expressed Emilio Fernandez in an interview from the distant year of 1978. The director, who was much … Read more

‘Once upon a time in Hollywood’: Quentin Tarantino reveals if Brad Pitt’s character murdered his wife in the film’s novel

1625034704 Once upon a time in Hollywood Quentin Tarantino reveals if

Perhaps the greatest mystery left by ‘Once upon a time in Hollywood’ was if Cliff, the character played by Brad PittWhether or not he had murdered his wife. The film left the viewer with doubts, but Quentin Tarantino has taken advantage of the publication of the novel based on it to give a definitive answer: … Read more