“Puss in Boots 2”, the animated film that moves children and adults: where to see it online?

Puss in Boots 2 the animated film that moves children

The premiere of “Puss in Boots 2” Not only left “Shrek” fans hoping to see a fifth installment of the saga, but rekindled the faith of thousands in animation as a vehicle for dramatic stories. In the case of this sequel to the pussycat played by Antonio Banderas, viewers have been moved by his characters … Read more

Greeicy Rendón moves her followers with a video giving music classes to Kai

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Greeicy Rendón is one of the most beloved celebrities in the country. Her time on the small screen in some television productions, cLike ‘Vampire Girl’ and ‘The Golden Snore’ They positioned her within the media spectrum as a recognized actress. Likewise, her musical successes also played an important role in consolidating her as a multifaceted … Read more

Joan Manuel Serrat moves the public from Quito with his ‘singing vice’ | Culture | Entertainment

Joan Manuel Serrat moves the public from Quito with his

A shimmer of purple, orange and blue lights, the flawless execution of piano, violin, double bass, saxophone and percussion, and an epic chorus that repeated “Give it, give it, give it”, was the starting signal for the nostalgic and emotional concert of the Spanish Joan Manuel Serrat, this Saturday, in Quito. The applause and joy … Read more

Bryan Cranston Moves Further Away from Breaking Bad Crime Drama and Returns to Comedy

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Breaking Bad featured Bryan Cranston for 5 seasons on AMC. It was a series that ended up catapulting him to fame while he played Walter White. Now, the actor seems to be moving away from roles immersed in the dark criminal world to return to comedy as Malcolm in the Middle. October 27, 2022 00:38 … Read more

Coldplay in Lima: Woman moves by narrating the concert to her blind partner

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Coldplay in Lima: Woman narrates what happens to her blind partner. (Tik Tok) There is no doubt that the first concert of Coldplay in Lima has left many moments to remember. The night of last Tuesday, September 13, the show of the British band was held at the National Stadium and a couple did not … Read more

George Clooney reveals embarrassing moment his ‘real life moves’ were criticized during kiss scene – Noufelle FR

George Clooney reveals embarrassing moment his real life moves were scaled

ads George Clooney recalls being surprised when a director criticized his fucking skills while filming with a co-star when he used his “real life moves” for the scene. The famous Hollywood star was devastated and said the embarrassing moment came early in his career when he was filming an intimate scene with a co-star and … Read more

Natalia Jiménez moves fans by crying in full concert and presenting her daughter

Anuel AA ended up on the floor in the middle

MIAMI — Spanish singer Natalia Jiménez visited Miami in concert, the city that has hosted her for a long time, and offered a great show over the weekend in which she cried and he first introduced his daughter Alessandra to the public to whom he dedicated the song “Algo Más”. “Miami, what a night they … Read more

Lady Gaga moves to the rhythm of ‘Bizcochito’, by Rosalía! | Social Networks | Entertainment

Lady Gaga moves to the rhythm of Bizcochito by Rosalia

Of Lady Gaga a Lady Motomami. A new member has formed in the line of the mommiesthe worldwide followers of the Spanish singer Rosalia and it is nothing more and nothing less than another singerthe American interpreter of bad-romance Y Just Dance. Rosalia’s last song, despiseis one of the most popular at the moment and … Read more