The Fall of Harvey Weinstein: From Respected Producer to Hollywood’s Most Monstrous Sexual Predator

The Fall of Harvey Weinstein From Respected Producer to Hollywoods scaled

Harvey Weinstein at Clara Shorteidge Foltz Criminal Court in Los Angeles on October 4, 2022. He was flown from New York to face further charges. Etienne Laurent/Pool via REUTERS the chronicle of New York Times was signed by the journalists Jodi Kantor Y megan twohey and raised the complaint from the first paragraph: “Two decades … Read more

The monstrous size of The Celestials in the Marvel Studios movie The Eternals

Criticism of The Eternals Expanding the mythology of Marvel Studios

Share0 The movie The Eternals has given very interesting information about The Celestials, but now we know the size of these powerful beings. The Celestials are these immense beings that they presented in the film Guardians of the Galaxy and that we have been able to see in more detail in The Eternals. They are … Read more