A mistake in an Avengers scene led to weeks of CGI to fix Black Widow’s hair

Dragon Ball Super Premiere date and time of the

The Marvel Cinematic Universe began to take hold with the arrival of The Avengersthe movie that first showed this group of heroes coming together to stop a bigger threat. This was how the battle of New York began, where Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Black Widow, Thor and Hawkeye faced Loki and his Chitauri armyan … Read more

Malú’s mistake at her Starlite concert and other singers’ skids on stage. Why is it so difficult to go well dressed to give a concert?

Malus mistake at her Starlite concert and other singers skids scaled

maluone of the most important female voices in Spain, he returned one more year to Marbella to participate in one of the most demanded festivals of the summer, Starlit. The concert has been part of the tour with which he presents thousand battles, his latest album. Her public awaited her longingly and the singer met … Read more

Lady Gaga does not understand anything: they free the kidnapper of their dogs by mistake

Lady Gaga has relived the horror of the kidnapping of their dogs by a mistake of the Los Angeles County police, since they freed the kidnapper accidentally. At the moment, the singer does not understand how this could have happened, since she, on James Howard Jackson19 years old, weigh several crimes, including attempted murder. The … Read more

Almost 30 years after the premiere of Jurassic Park, an incredible mistake went viral: what is it about

1658520028 Almost 30 years after the premiere of Jurassic Park an

jurassic-park in 1993 Steven Spielberg revolutionized the world of cinema with Jurassic Park, the film won three Oscars and broke the box office record. In addition, millions of boys around the world became fans of the world of dinosaurs thanks to the moviea. 29 years after its premiere, a fan found an error and made … Read more

Artists who refused to perform at Live Aid and made the mistake of their lives

The Live Aid of 1985 is one of the biggest music events in history, the benefit concert brought together great artists against hunger in Ethiopia, it was seen by more than 1.5 billion people around the world and raised up to 40 million dollars. Although he brought together stars of the stature of Queen, Elton … Read more

Alex Fernández and the misfortune of making the slightest mistake singing the Mexican anthem

Alex Fernandez and the misfortune of making the slightest mistake

Alex Fernández singing during the Final between Atlas and Pachuca at the Jalisco Stadium. (Alfredo Moya/Jam Media/Getty Images) Alex Fernández, son of Alejandro Fernández and grandson of Vicente, made a mistake during his intonation of the National Anthem of Mexico in the preview of the Final between the teams Atlas and Pachuca. His slip deserved … Read more

Meet An Honest Mistake, Malaysian Pop Punk Band

Meet An Honest Mistake Malaysian Pop Punk Band

Meet An Honest Mistake, Malaysian Pop Punk Band The pop punk band from Malaysia, An Honest Mistakelaunch the theme forget me with the rappers Reckless Escapes Y Maruxa Lynd who together seek to reach a wider audience, including that of Mexico, a country where they make themselves known with this single that is already on … Read more

This was the most viral mistake at the Oscars

The appearance of social networks coincidentally coincided with the succession of a series of historical errors that occurred within the framework of the Oscar awards. In this opportunity, we tell you what it was the most viral of all and we also remember other cases in which virtual audiences expressed their astonishment and bewilderment. Here … Read more

“Doctor Strange 2” gave the fan what they wanted. That was a mistake | REVIEW with SPOILERS

1652083462 Doctor Strange 2 gave the fan what they wanted That

Since a few days have passed since the premiere of “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” (“Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness”), there is not as much danger in making SPOILERS as you will find in this text. The world’s highest-grossing film at its opening in all of 2022 featured multiple other-realities versions … Read more

“Red NOT Chili Peppers”: Fan makes a mistake and buys tickets for the band’s tribute concert

Red NOT Chili Peppers Fan makes a mistake and buys

Live concerts from our favorite artists and bands are back, so fans are already buying their tickets with great excitement. However, a Red Hot Chili Peppers fan, At the time of buying the tickets for what he thought was a show of his favorite group, he realized that he was wrong and bought for a … Read more