Bardo: Why did González Iñárritu take more than 20 minutes out of his new and controversial film?

Netflix recently released the official trailer for the new film by Mexican director Alejandro González Iñarritu entitled “Bardo, Falsa Crónica de unas Cuantas Verdades”, which had its debut at the Venice Film Festival and received an ovation from four minutes. However, so far the reviews have been mixed, where this film has even been called … Read more

Pink Floyd: These Are All Their Songs That Are 10 Minutes Or Longer

Pink Floyd These Are All Their Songs That Are 10

In a time like ours, where singles have become the fastest way to stardom; the music industry dictates that the ideal length of a song, if you want it to reach viral status, should be 3-4 minutes. However, in the world of rock & roll these rules often go unnoticed and in the seventies, when … Read more

Hugh Jackman takes 10 minutes of ovation in Venice with the drama The Son

The good news keeps pouring in from the Venice Film Festival. On the day of the date, the film was presented at the contest The Sonnew from the director Florian Zellerwhich features the performances of Hugh Jackman Y Laura Dern. The Son is the new film by the French director, the second in a trilogy, … Read more

Coldplay in Peru: Band led by Chris Martin sold out new batch of tickets in just minutes

Coldplay in Peru Band led by Chris Martin sold out

Just a week until Coldplay arrive in Peru to offer two concerts at the National Stadium, the producer in charge of the event released new tickets for the musical show of the British group; however, these sold out in just minutes and the virtual queue exceeded 100,000 users. The group led by Chris Martin will … Read more

Timothée Chalamet and Luca Guadagnino receive an ovation of more than 8 minutes in Venice

Timothee Chalamet He is one of the most promising young actors today. Since his collaboration with the director Luca Guadagnino in Call Me By Your Name (Call me by your name), a performance that earned him an Oscar nomination for Best Actor. That is why great expectations were generated when the Italian director announced a … Read more

The horror movie that is located on the Netflix podium and will disturb you for 85 minutes

Horror movies are a magnet on streaming platforms. And it is that, with a hand on the heart, they are one of those films and that genre in which there is no middle ground: either the viewer loves them and passionately enjoys them or hates them and cannot even see them. For this very reason, … Read more

The classic movie that does not stop accumulating views on Netflix and lasts 143 minutes

Streaming platforms have been replacing the already extinct video clubs (or video stores) for several years now. We are talking about those places that, those born after 2000m probably have not gotten to know, and that allowed you to rent a movie (on VHS or DVD) to enjoy it at home and then return it … Read more

The film that combines romance and drama lasts 107 minutes and is all the rage on Netflix

Netflix it’s a box of surprises, and every time we open the platform on one of our devices, we don’t know what we’re going to find. In fact, many times we are not even prepared for some of its surprises. However, an interesting and captivating love and drama movie that is gradually taking center stage … Read more

The ideal movie for fans of horror and suspense is on HBO Max and lasts 93 minutes

Streaming has it all and the different platforms have become our ideal and preferred companions during the weekends, or when we return home after a busy work day. And it is that, whether on our mobile devices or on our TV, in a matter of seconds we can immerse ourselves in a totally different and … Read more

Netflix’s most expensive movie lasts 129 minutes and has the protagonist of The Bridgertons

Netflix he did it again. And it is that one of the recent premieres of the streaming platform is a film that, not only was highly anticipated by users or the film industry, but -in addition- is the most expensive story in history that the firm has produced. the red N. We talk about “The … Read more