“Everything everywhere at the same time”: a wild movie that promises to blow your mind

A Chinese immigrant, in the middle of an IRS investigation, finds herself involved in a wild adventure in which only she can save the world by exploring other universes. (A24) The new movie of the self-proclaimed as the daniels, Everything everywhere at the same time (Everything Everywhere All at Once), is causing a giant furor … Read more

Ilse de Flans revealed what went through her mind when she fainted at a concert

The singer felt a tingling in the body and then withdrew. Some days ago, Ilse Olivo of Custard suffered a health emergency during his concert at the GNP Insurance Forum of Merida, Yucatan; which concerned all attendees. In the final stretch of the show, the singer of eighties hits disappeared from the stage and received … Read more

The director of the Silent Hill movie already has the script for a third installment and a release date in mind

This new tape of the legendary Konami saga would have an independent story from the previous adaptations. that we await the return of Silent Hill It is no secret, and more so in times of video game conferences, where the illusion for a new title of the legendary horror franchise is part of all wish … Read more

‘Stranger Things’: Netflix will not change its mind for the premiere of the final season

That the success of many premieres of Netflix vanishes as quickly as it appears is well known. For this reason, many wondered if the streaming platform would finally give its arm to twist as for premiere model (weekly episode instead of its current strategy, release it all at once) with season 5 of ‘Stranger Things’.

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Tina Fey, the brilliant mind behind “SNL” and “30 Rock”, celebrates her birthday

Tina Fey is one of the biggest names in American comedy. She is recognized worldwide for her work in “Saturday night Live” Y “30 Rock”Fey has managed to become one of the great female figures in the entertainment industry and comedy. In fact, she became the first female chief writer on “SNL.” Another of her … Read more

The terrifying hidden message in a ‘Cantinflas’ movie that will blow your mind

Mario Fortino Alfonso Moreno Reyesbetter known as ‘Cantinflas‘, was a Mexican actor, producer, screenwriter and comedian, who enjoyed great success in the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema. The iconic actor of international stature, he made his character emblematic of Cantinflas, which became a benchmark of the culture of our country and allowed him to establish … Read more

Liam Neeson Says Bruce Willis Has Been On His Mind Since Filming ‘Memory’: ‘I Think About Him Every Day’ – Up News Info News in France and abroad

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! Liam Neeson thought of Bruce Willis. The actor is starring in his latest action movie titled “Memory,” which premieres April 29. He plays a deadly assassin in the face of Alzheimer’s disease. The 69-year-old said he couldn’t help but think of Willis, who recently retired after being … Read more

Netflix What is the most disturbing movie? The trailer will blow your mind

Netflix What is the most disturbing movie? The trailer will blow your mind. Photo: eldiario.ec As you know for a long time Netflix is one of the most famous streaming platforms for its great content at low cost, and now we will tell you which is one of its most disturbing movies, here we share … Read more

‘The Incredible Hulk 2’: The Nolan’s Batman Influenced Sequel That Edward Norton Had In Mind And Never Happened

There isn’t a single person in the world who hasn’t heard of Marvel, but there was a time when it was a weirdo thing. In a world in which ‘The Avengers’ was just a post-credits scene, back in 2008, the second movie of the Marvel Cinematic Universe came to light: ‘The incredible Hulk’. Fourteen years … Read more

Radiohead Said No: The Importance of Pixies’ “Where Is My Mind” to ‘Fight Club’

On October 15, 1999, it premiered Fight Club, the fourth film by David Fincher betting on the novel by Chuck Palahniuk. Criticism was harsh on the film and the director’s work; however, the story has stood the test of time becoming a cult film thanks, in part, to the music, specifically the ending song: “Where … Read more