Michelle Obama crusies on Steven Speilberg’s $250 million ‘Seven Seas’ yacht with Tom Hanks

Michelle Obama crusies on Steven Speilbergs 250 million Seven Seas

Michelle Obama at Seven Seas megayacht with Tom Hanks and Steven Speilberg. — Social media @oceanco Michelle Obama, Former First Lady of the United States joined the closeted ocean voyage on Steven Spielberg’s $250 million Seven Seas megayacht along with Kate Capshaw, Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson on Saturday. The millionaire film director … Read more

“Sound of freedom” breaks box office records: more than 125 million in just three weeks

Sound of freedom breaks box office records more than 125

Based on a gripping true story, “Sound of Freedom” follows one man’s mission to rescue children from the darkest corners of the world. (Song Films) the independent film sound of freedom (Sound of Freedom) has exceeded all expectations and continues to reap strong box office results in its third weekend in theaters. According to its … Read more

The ‘Barbie’ movie explodes the world box office, raising more than 300 million in its first weekend

The Barbie movie explodes the world box office raising more

The box office race between black and pink is already rising with a clear winner. BarbieGreta Gerwig’s film about the famous Mattel doll, has won the pulse of oppenheimer, the biopic about the creator of the atomic bomb directed by Christopher Nolan. Gerwig’s film starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling has managed to raise 337 … Read more

The adults-only movie on Netflix that earned 132 million and will blow your mind, is with Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling

The adults only movie on Netflix that earned 132 million and

In Netflix There are several films that have been awarded multiple awards, which you can enjoy from the comfort of your home, such is the case of the film that we recommend below, which also stars an outstanding cast, among which the actor Brad Pitt and the now all the rage Ryan Gosling, who has … Read more

‘Mission Impossible: Deadly Judgment – Part 1’ sweeps the box office with 253 million and destroys the record for the best opening of the action franchise with Tom Cruise

Mission Impossible Deadly Judgment Part 1 sweeps the

This summer is not exactly bringing much joy to Hollywood blockbusters. The failures, of greater (‘Flash’) or lesser (‘Fast & Furious 10’) magnitude, accumulate and everything indicates that the paradigm shift that will Steven Spielberg predicted 10 years ago. However, today we have good news, since ‘Mission Impossible: Deadly Judgment – Part 1’ has swept … Read more

Lee Jung-jae negotiates to charge a million dollars per episode of ‘The Squid Game 2’

Lee Jung jae negotiates to charge a million dollars per episode

‘The squid game’ is back in the news. The most successful Netflix series with the highest number of views is finalizing the details for its second season. After confirming the cast for the second batch of episodes and when the new episodes will start filming, we now have more information about what the series’ lead, … Read more

Figure of the week: $440 million, Reese Witherspoon the richest actress in the world

Figure of the week 440 million Reese Witherspoon the richest

The American magazine Forbes recently unveiled the list of the 15 richest female celebrities in America. As for actresses, Reese Witherspoon takes the lead in the rankings with an estimated fortune of $440 million. Figure of the week: $440 million. What does this number represent? This is, according to the American magazine Forbesof the total … Read more

The tears of a participant who won in The 8 Steps of 3 Million: “I did everything backwards in my life”

The tears of a participant who won in The 8

A participant was excited after winning three million and confessed what she will do with the prize (Video: El Trece) Guido Kaczka He achieved very good numbers at the rating level with The 8 Steps of the 3 Million and each edition that it faces lasts because the public chooses to see it. The host … Read more

“They tried to use me as a scapegoat.” The sci-fi movie that nearly sank Eva Green’s career has netted her $1 million after a bitter legal battle

Amber Heard has not been replaced in Aquaman 2 the

Since its launch thanks to ‘Soñadores’, eva green He has been working tirelessly and there have never been any complaints about any kind of unprofessional behavior on any of his projects. That changed because of ‘To Patriot’, a science fiction film that evolved in such a way that it was never even made and caused … Read more