The terrible accident suffered by Milla Jovovich’s double in Resident Evil that ruined her life

If there are people who deserve recognition within the industry, they are the stunt doubles. These risk their lives daily to perform pirouettes, stunts or actions that can put anyone at risk, even the actors in the movies, who are contractually prohibited from performing them, because the studios cannot afford to have a star sick … Read more

INE launches TikToks with Ronaldinho, Bruce Willis and Milla Jovovich- Uno TV

INE launches TikToks with Ronaldinho Bruce Willis and Milla Jovovich

INE launches these TikToks, with Ronaldinho, Bruce Willis and Milla Jovovich. Photo: AFP For a “credibility” campaign, the National Electoral Institute (INE) resorted to using videos in TikTok of the Brazilian star, Ronaldinho, that the same organism altered to promote itself. This is not the only edited video of the INE to make your communication … Read more

Lance Reddick would like Milla Jovovich to appear in Netflix’s Resident Evil series

Estereo Picnic among the 50 best festivals in the world

Milla Jovovich is the undisputed icon of the film saga of resident Evil. The actress starred in the first six video game adaptations of resident Evil and put an end to his relationship with the saga after the premiere of Resident Evil: Final Chapter (2017). In recent years, resident Evil has begun to return to … Read more

What happened to Milla Jovovich: the actress “split in two” in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Very few people can boast of having been recognized in two worlds such as acting and modeling, but Jovovich mile yes you can. He was born and raised in the Ukraine – then in the Soviet Union – but it was later that he got US citizenship, which opened many doors for him. Before hitting … Read more

Milla Jovovich “stunned”: born in Ukraine, the actress is “heartbroken” by the situation

Milla Jovovich stunned born in Ukraine the actress is heartbroken

This Saturday, February 26, Ukrainian actress Milla Jovovich wanted to share her sadness and concern on her Instagram account. A heartbreaking and moving message. This is “broken heart” that actress Milla Jovovich expressed herself on her Instagram account this Saturday, February 26, through an intimate and heartbreaking post of truth. The Ukrainian-born young woman expressed … Read more

Milla Jovovich to El País: “I wanted to see in the cinema more strong women who save the world”

1630224190 Milla Jovovich to El Pais I wanted to see in

Exclusive content The note you are trying to access is exclusively for subscribers Subscribe me Know our plansand enjoy El País without limits. Pay in If you are already a subscriber you canenter with your username and password. He was born in Ukraine and was five years old when his parents left the Soviet Union … Read more

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, the Netflix miniseries that surpasses the films of Milla Jovovich

Resident Evil Infinite Darkness the Netflix miniseries that surpasses the

For: Fernando Chuquillanqui Journalist, movie buff, collector, gamer. July 13, 2021 – 11:05 AM Throughout its long history, the saga Resident Evil he has known of triumphs and failures, both in his video game installments and in his (already several) forays into other formats, such as film, television, literature and even theater. Although recently we … Read more