“That ’90s Show”: the love story of Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis that jumped from the screen to real life

That 90s Show the love story of Ashton Kutcher and

On January 19, Netflix will premiere “That ’90s Show”the reboot of the remembered “That 70’s Show”, which was on the air between 1998 and 2006. Seventeen years later, the story is renewed with another cast, a new decade but with the participation of its original figures as guest artists such as the iconic Red (Kurtwood … Read more

Top 10 des films et séries TV à voir avec Mila Kunis

Top 10 des films et series TV a voir avec

Vous aimez l’actrice Mila Kunis ? Voici 10 films et séries dans lesquels elle joue, l’histoire de se faire toute sa filmographie ! Vous avez vu Milla Kunis dans un ou plusieurs films ou séries et vous avez adoré cette actrice ? C’est l’occasion de la revoir dans d’autres œuvres cinématographiques et télévisées. Voici donc … Read more

“Jupiter: The Fate of the Universe”: Mila Kunis knew that the film would make an oven

Jupiter The Fate of the Universe Mila Kunis knew that

After Channing Tatum, who called the experience “nightmarish”, it’s Mila Kunis’ turn to confide in “Jupiter: The Destiny of the Universe”. Even before filming began, the actress understood that the project would not live up to the ambitions of the Wachowskis, and that it would crash at the box office. american girl : the return … Read more

Two movies to watch if you enjoyed the new Mila Kunis drama on Netflix

Young man dubs famous anime and movies into Quechua on

From the Tudum event of under the command of Netflix A few weeks ago, the platform has not stopped launching very interesting releases. One of the most recent is The luckiest girl in the world, premiered on October 7. Despite the short time in the catalog, it has already positioned itself among the most viewed … Read more

‘The girl who had everything’ (Netflix): the new thriller with Mila Kunis

Let me fly Fernando del Solar signed a letter of

Literary adaptations always offer added interest to the pleasure of enjoying a movie or series. It is undeniable that it is exciting for a reader to rediscover the characters with a new face and voice that they imagined to see the story that hooked them in images. But, they also function as fictions independent of … Read more

Jupiter Ascending: Mila Kunis knew the film would be a big flop

Jupiter Ascending Mila Kunis knew the film would be a

Although the Wachowskis were in charge of the blockbuster, Mila Kunis, the film’s headliner, knew that Jupiter Ascending was going to flop at the box office. Lana and Lilly Wachowski have always had a path full of pitfalls in the high spheres of Hollywood. After the unanimous masterpiece Matrix, the duo never managed to unite … Read more

Jackie and Kelso Shouldn’t Be Together on This ’90s Show, Says Mila Kunis | Pretty Reel

Jackie and Kelso Shouldnt Be Together on This 90s Show

Mila Kunis, who will return for That ’90s Show as Jackie Burkhart, casts a playful shadow over her character’s history with Ashton Kutcher’s Kelso. Mila Kunis argues Jackie Burkhart shouldn’t be with Michael Kelso, playfully questioning her storyline on That ’90s Show. The next That ’70s Show spin-off will debut in the summer of 1995 … Read more

Mila Kunis explores a traumatic past in the trailer for “The Luckiest Girl in the World”

Mila Kunis explores a traumatic past in the trailer for

Ani is forced to confront a dark truth that threatens to upend the life she has designed to perfection. (Netflix) Netflix shared the official trailer for The luckiest girl in the world (Luckiest Girl Alive)an upcoming film starring Mila Kunis (That 70′s Show Y the black swan). Based on the homonymous novel by Jessica Knoll, … Read more