Mike Myers Says He’s ‘Gutted’ And ‘So Sad’ Over Queen’s Death – Nifey

Mike Myers Says Hes Gutted And So Sad Over Queens

Mike Myers has revealed he is “drained” over the death of Queen Elizabeth II. The Canadian-born actor, whose parents were both English, still looked slightly shocked by the monarch’s passing on the red carpet for his latest film, ‘Amsterdam’, at Alice Tully Hall on Sunday night. “I’m still gutted, to be honest,” he told Page … Read more

M*A*S*H stars Mike Farrell and Alan Alda celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first episode | Pretty Reel

MASH stars Mike Farrell and Alan Alda celebrate the 50th

Five decades to the day after M*A*S*H premiered on CBS, two of its stars raised a toast to celebrate the hit TV show’s 50th anniversary. On September 17, 1972, the show aired its first episode, serving as a spin-off of the M*A*S*H movie released in 1970. Its title is an acronym for Mobile Army Surgical … Read more

Warner Bros. kills Hallorann: Mike Flanagan confirms that the sequel to ‘Doctor Sleep’ has been ruled out due to box office fault

Warner Bros kills Hallorann Mike Flanagan confirms that the sequel

When Mike Flanagan announced that he was working on a film sequel to ‘The Shining’ that, in addition to adapting the novel ‘Doctor Sleep’ by Stephen King, would emulate the spirit of Stanley Kubrick in some of his passages, many of us raised an eyebrow and were tremendously skeptical —and it was useless for him … Read more

‘Mike’: Mike Tyson’s gruesome life can now be discovered on Disney Plus+

Rosalia in Mexico City You have my heart stolen

The series and movies that portray the lives of famous people from different fields have a special appeal. Traveling through time to meet writers, athletes, filmmakers, musicians or scientists always reveal unknown facets of idols and historical figures of great relevance in their field. That’s why in recent years they have become instant hits Bohemian … Read more

Mike Tyson gives his cash opinion on the slap of Will Smith!

Mike Tyson gives his cash opinion on the slap of

Hotboxin’ (DR) / Oscars (DR) The lunar sequence between Will Smith and Chris Rock during the last Oscars continues to be talked about, even several months later. More recently, it was the great Mike Tyson who broached the subject, giving his opinion on what had happened as well as the consequences to come. As usual … Read more

Open war between Mike Tyson and Hulu for the new series about his life

F1 GP Austria 2022 schedule TV and where to watch

08/11/2022 at 21:37 EST The former boxer affirms that the documentary that will be released in two weeks does not have his support “Don’t let ‘Hulu’ fool you. This isn’t 1822. This is 2022. They stole my story and didn’t pay me,” he said. The American former boxer Mike Tyson live an open war with … Read more

“Heads are going to roll”: Mike Tyson explodes against Hulu for stealing his story in a new series

Heads are going to roll Mike Tyson explodes against Hulu

In the US, there is a fairly lax regulation when it comes to bringing movies or series based on real events to the screen, which can usually go ahead regardless of the position of the people involved in said events. This leads to there being some controversy from time to time, as happened with Pam … Read more

Mike Lang, pianist in big Hollywood movies and one of Lalo Schifrin’s favorite studio musicians, has died at the age of 80.

Mike Lang pianist in big Hollywood movies and one of

Mike Lang, one of the great Hollywood film sessionists, has died at the age of 80 mike langone of the most outstanding pianists in Hollywood history, died on Friday morning, at his home in Studio City, a victim of lung cancer, according to the US media. Variety. The musician was 80 years old and, since … Read more

Mike Tyson’s biopic will reveal the lights and shadows of a life crossed by misery and glory

Mike Tysons biopic will reveal the lights and shadows of

“Mike. Beyond Tyson,” an 8-episode miniseries with an unlicensed, no-holds-barred look at the boxer’s life. (Star Plus) Subscribe to Star+, click here “Who I am? People only see one animal. They call me ‘wild’. I am the most aggressive and ruthless champion that has ever existed, but is that me? Thus begins the trailer for … Read more

Channing Tatum reveals new details of Magic Mike 3

Seven years after the premiere of the second film of the franchise, channing tatum puts himself back in the shoes of Mike Lane for one last presentation in “Magic Mike’s Last Dance”. Directed by Steven Soderberghwho was in charge of the first, the new film will be much more daring than the previous ones, as … Read more