Homophobic pressure kills off Mashrou Leila, one of the Middle East’s leading rock bands

Young man dubs famous anime and movies into Quechua on

Just five years ago, 35,000 people at a concert in Cairo sang songs by the most influential alternative rock band in the Middle East, the Lebanese Mashrou Leila, a symbol of LGBTI rights critical in his lyrics with homophobia and racism. On the 11th, its leader, Hamed Sinno, announced the separation of the group due … Read more

Venezuelan takes the ‘forbidden steps’ by dancing jungle music in the middle of the street

One more Peruvian! A new video has been made viral in TikTok. On this occasion, the protagonist of the story was a young woman of Venezuelan nationality who surprised more than one after dancing to jungle music in the middle of a public thoroughfare in the district of Miraflores. Certainly the music of Peru is … Read more

Harry Styles: emotional round of applause in honor of Elizabeth II, in the middle of her concert

Meta continues its expansion across Web 30 with the announcement

The death of Queen Elizabeth II continues to make many headlines in the global media. After 70 years of service to the British crown, the entire world was plunged into deep shock on September 8 at the news of his death. For this reason, as an idol of the masses and, especially, as a Briton, … Read more

“I hate Dr. Simi”: the video that shows the singer of Café Tacvba destroying a stuffed animal in the middle of a concert

3 facts you didnt know about Benedict Cumberbatchs Lamborghini

Rubén Albarrán, singer of the popular Mexican group Café Tacvba, has become a trend in social networks in relation to to what he did with a stuffed Dr. Simi that was thrown at him in the middle of a concert in Europe. The videos that were shared and went viral on social networks show the … Read more

No, there were no black elves in Middle Earth. Y?

1663018651 No there were no black elves in Middle Earth Y

The debate had been simmering on the Internet for years. Specifically since Amazon announced the cast of your series of ‘The Lord of the rings‘, a list of names that included several non-Caucasian actors and actresses. The spectators were divided into several groups: there are those who do not care in the least that there … Read more

Marta Guzmán takes off her wig in the middle of the program: “I feel comfortable”

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck work together again entering fully

Written in CELEBRITIES the 9/3/2022 3:23 p.m. Martha Guzman generated endless comments after on Friday, September 2, his wig in full interview for the program “the gossip”. Let us remember that Marta Guzmán wears a wig due to the loss of hair she suffered from the breast cancer which was detected in 2011 and which … Read more

Raúl Araiza and Candela Márquez star in a heated kiss in the middle of the program

Mexico City.– After a few weeks of absence on television, Raul Araiza resumed his activities in the program Todayas well as in the transmission of members on airwhere the former contestant from The Stars Dance Today, Candela Marquezwho throughout the recording was very friendly with the driver, to such an extent that the rest of … Read more

More problems for Gerard Piqué: the image that generated Shakira’s fury in the middle of the agreement

If already, the life of Gerard Piqué In recent weeks he has been revolutionized by the leaks about the identity of his new girlfriend, Clara Chía Martí, what happened a few hours ago makes the footballer be involved in a series of inconveniences that could have consequences for both him and Shakira that he is … Read more

Fan gave her thesis to Rosalía in the middle of the Monterrey concert: “It’s about you”

Fan gave her thesis to Rosalia in the middle of

(Photo: Tiktok) Rosalia He has stolen the hearts of his fans during his concerts in Mexico, to the point where he has approximately 16 Dr. Simi stuffed animals and with great joy he has shown them off in his presentations. But these have not been the only objects that have been thrown at the famous, … Read more

Colombian actress was the victim of robbery in the middle of a Bud Bunny concert

Let me fly Fernando del Solar signed a letter of

This weekend, Bad Bunny performed two consecutive concerts in Miami; events were held at Hard Rock Stadium. The artist, in the middle of his tour World’s Hottest Tourhas already visited his fans in Orlando, Florida and Atlanta. His concert was attended by thousands of followers, among them, several public figures, among whom were characters from … Read more