This is the new Netflix series: ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’, which adapts the novels by Michael Connelly

This is the new Netflix series The Lincoln Lawyer which

Related news Friday May 13 Netflix premieres The Lincoln Lawyera drama series developed by Ted Humphrey, which adapts on screen for the second time Michael Connelly’s novels -after the 2011 movie he starred in Matthew McConaughey–. this first season is based on the novel The verdictthe second book in the saga, and in it we … Read more

Michael Douglas says Debra Winger lost a role after biting him

Michael Douglas Said Debra Winger Was Going To Star In The 1984 Classic Romancing the Stonebut lost the role to Kathleen Turner after a strange incident. In the film, Turner plays a romantic adventure writer who heads to the Colombian jungle to save her sister with the help of a brash mercenary named Jack (Douglas). … Read more

Michael Stuart wins the second season of ‘Tu Cara Me Suena’ with a perfect score Juan Gabriel

With an impressive make-up, a surprising characterization and a charisma like no other, Puerto Rican Michael Stuart was crowned the absolute winner of the second season of “Tu Cara Me Suena”. The young salsero, who until a few months ago “felt disappointed in the music industry”, today has become the first artist to achieve two … Read more

“I screamed in pain”: Michael Douglas says he refused to work with Debra Winger after the actress bit his arm

“I started crying and told them I couldn’t go to the jungle with her. ‘She bit me on her arm! I can not do it!’”. The scene looks like something out of a comedy, but it happened in real life, with michael douglas as the protagonist and the directors of 20th Century Fox as part … Read more

Perfect score for Michael Stuart for imitating Celia Cruz in “Your face sounds to me”

As the weeks have passed, if there is an artist who has surprised everyone during the second season of “Your face is familiar to me”which is transmitted by TeleOncehas been the Puerto Rican salsero michael stuart, who did it once again at last night’s gala. On this occasion, the artist stole the show by appearing … Read more

The failed career of Michael Biehn, the actor who starred in Terminator I but regretted filming with Schwarzenegger

The failed career of Michael Biehn the actor who starred

Michael Biehn with Linda Hamilton in Terminator When talking about sagas that marked an era of cinema, the mention of terminator it is unavoidable. The first film, directed by james cameronwas made with a low budget: it was a bet that ended in such an overwhelming success as the imposing T-800 from arnold schwarzenegger. The … Read more

What to see today: the movie that Michael Fassbender did not want his parents to see

What to see today the movie that Michael Fassbender did

Steve McQueen directs ‘Shame’, a film about a man addicted to sex that was a challenge for its protagonists. In addition to Fassbender, it features the performance of Carey Mulligan. Who said that erotic cinema did not have films that were worth seeing? If you think that this genre has never released essential titles, tonight … Read more

It’s the end: when Rihanna sounded Michael Cera with a slap on the set

Its the end when Rihanna sounded Michael Cera with a

In “It’s the End”, Michael Cera plays an execrable version of himself addicted to cocaine and particularly toxic. A character who reaps a well-felt slap from Rihanna, which really made the actor suffer. It is the end : the apocalypse seen by Seth Rogen and his band In 2007, Seth Rogen and Jay Baruchel have … Read more

‘That only happens in the movies’: The incredible anecdote of Michael Jordan in a Chicago nightclub

1650455633 That only happens in the movies The incredible anecdote of

NBA In this incredible anecdote, a former player tells how people in Chicago react when they see Michael Jordan. For Martin Wizenberg April 20, 2022 01:12AM EDT April 20, 2022 01:12AM EDT © Doug Benc/Getty ImagesMichael Jordan. Michael Jordan He is for many the best player of all time in the NBA. He dominated basketball … Read more