These are the places in Vigo and its area that the latest Amazon series shows the world – Metropolitano

These are the places in Vigo and its area that

Spanish cinema celebrates the premiere of one of its most anticipated series of the year. It does so through the Amazon Prime Video platform. production is “A Private Matter”, possibly the series that some of you devour this weekend. But the curious thing is not the arrival of a new series in our lives, but … Read more

Coldplay in Peru: fans will be able to use the special service of Metropolitano and Complementary Corridors after the concert

Coldplay in Peru fans will be able to use the

The Coldplay concert is this September 13 and 14. The first Coldplay concert will be held todayTuesday, September 13 at the National Stadiumbefore it, the Urban Transport Authority for Lima and Callao (ATU) announced that attendees to this show and the one tomorrow, September 14, will be able to use in the service High PowerBusso … Read more

Nathy Peluso will not perform in Castrelos: PortAmérica and O Son do Camiño, the only stops in Galicia – Metropolitano

The Castrelos Auditorium will not host any concert by Nathy Peluso this summer. Despite the presence of Vigo in the list of concerts published on the official website of the Argentine artist, the communication department of the singer of songs such as “La Sandunguera”, “Ateo” or “Delito” tells that it does not there will … Read more

Vigo puts the icing on the cake for its Entroido by programming its second free concert – Metropolitano

Vigo puts the icing on the cake for its Entroido

The programming of the Entroido de Vigo ends. On Shrove Tuesday, which in other years was a local holiday, it will host the Broken Peach concert. The recital of the band from Vigo will take place from 9:00 p.m. on the stage that will be installed in Policarpo Sanz, next to the García Barbón Theater, … Read more

The Plaza Elíptica de Vigo will be renovated in 12 months with a “cultural vocation” of concerts – Metropolitano

The Plaza Eliptica de Vigo will be renovated in 12

“A great humanization”, this is how the mayor of Vigo defined this Tuesday, Abel Knight, the humanization of the Plaza Francisco Fernández del Riego, which will have a budget of 2,320,000 euros and an execution period of 12 months. “We are going to turn the Plaza Elíptica into a link between the Castro, Gran Vía, … Read more

Los vecinos de Saiáns se unen para crear un nuevo festival de música en plena naturaleza – Metropolitano

1644299756 Los vecinos de Saians se unen para crear un nuevo

Saiáns tendrá este 2022 su propio festival de música. Tras el encierro por la pandemia y los años en blanco sin eventos culturales, los vecinos y vecinas de esta parroquia viguesa se han unido para hacernos gozar de la música en directo en un entorno privilegiado. La meta está situada para este verano, pero antes … Read more

Caballero anuncia conciertos “excepcionales como nunca hubo en la historia” en Castrelos – Metropolitano

Caballero anuncia conciertos excepcionales como nunca hubo en la historia

Si la pandemia mantiene su curso habitual y las actividades culturales y de ocio continúan con sus desescalada a la par que avanza la “gripalización” de la Covid-19, Vigo retomará este 2022 sus conciertos de Castrelos al aire libre con un ambicioso programa que prevé retomar un número significativo de citas musicales para devolver los … Read more

Nigrán, “perreo’s paradise”: will host one of the biggest reggaeton festivals in Europe – Metropolitano

Nigran perreos paradise will host one of the biggest reggaeton

The Reggaeton Beach Festival arrives in Galicia in 2022 to stay. After two years, in which the event could not be carried out due to the pandemic, the organization confirmed that next summer the festival will be held in ten cities, of which three will be new. “We’re going north!”, This is how it was … Read more

“Música en Salas” is born, the “macro cycle” of 135 concerts in 19 Galician venues – Metropolitano

Musica en Salas is born the macro cycle of 135

After more than a year of closure, the concert halls host, during November and December, the project Music in Rooms which is part of the Xacobeo 21-22 program. It is a concert route through the main halls of Galicia, promoted by the Galician Association of Live Music Rooms, Clubtura, the Galician Agency for Cultural Industries … Read more

The Xacobeo Importa concert series brings Christian Löffler – Metropolitano to Vigo

The Xacobeo Importa concert series brings Christian Loffler Metropolitano

The Galicia Importa concert cycle returns in its 10th edition and coinciding with the Xacobeo 21-22 it recovers the name of Xacobeo Importa, as in the last Holy Year 2010, to offer a careful offer of international concerts distributed by different cities of the Galician geography. This Sunday, November 7, the program begins with the … Read more