The metaverse has a musical band: mutant monkeys inspired by Gorillaz

1637836503 The metaverse has a musical band mutant monkeys inspired by

Key facts: There will be four monkeys representing KINGSHIP, the new NFT band. This is a metaverse grouping that will create your own music. Has competition come to Gorillaz? It seems. A Web3 firm called 10:22 PM, which is responsible for developing artists, intellectual property and supporting digital creators, announced yesterday the formation of the … Read more

How is Kingship, the first virtual musical band for the metaverse composed of four NFT monkeys

How is Kingship the first virtual musical band for the

The four members of the virtual training Kingship, the first to use NFT technology A new virtual band has just signed for Universal Music Group, one of the largest record companies in the world. The group, which looks like a ‘software update’ to the iconic Gorillaz, is made up of four characters from the Yacht … Read more