Elegant Weapons, the new band with Ronnie Romero, Richie Faulkner, Scott Travis and Rex Brown, announce their second performance | Metal Journal

Elegant Weapons the new band with Ronnie Romero Richie Faulkner

Elegant Weapons is the new band that presented Nuclear Blast last fall. They defined it as a ‘super group’ and brings together ronnie romero (voice, Rainbow, MSG…), Richie Faulkner (guitar, Judas Priest), Scott Travis (drums, Judas Priest) and Rex Brown (bass, Panther, down). This amazing band will release their debut album, Horns For A Halo, … Read more

Dragonhammer: “More Metal concerts, less cheap headphones on iTunes”

dragonhammer Interview with Italian Symphonic Power Metal band DRAGONHAMMER for the release of “Second Life” Italian Power Metal never dies, and a good example of this is the resilience of DRAGONHAMMERwho last year gave us one of the best albums of his career, “Second Life”. In this interview we speak with the singer Mattia Fagiolo … Read more

Authorities canceled concert of neo-Nazi metal band in Guadalajara and CDMX

1673786880 Authorities canceled concert of neo Nazi metal band in Guadalajara and

Collectives called for the cancellation of a neo-Nazi event in Guadalajara (Facebook/Coordinadora Antifascista Guadalajara/Bagronk) band concert neo nazi metal Der Sturmer (DS), originally from Greece, which was intended to take place on Friday, January 13 in the city of Guadalajaracapital of the state of Jalisco, was finally cancelled, the report was given this Saturday, January … Read more

Marble Tomb: The Melodic Black Metal band at the service of Jesus Christ the Redeemer

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Marble Tomb, the Melodic Black Metal band from Oregon, United States, is the celestial face to the pagan or blasphemous counterpart that this subgenre can offer. The band that formed in 2020, in true one-man style, has just released its debut album “Dawn of the Vertical Flame”, it impresses a lot with its way of … Read more

‘The vigilante’: Bruce Willis’ forceful action movie that connects in an unexpected way with ‘Full metal jacket’

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The remake of the Charles Bronson classic released a few years ago is more related to Stanley Kubrick’s war masterpiece than it may seem. An old-school vigilante thriller that was the big comeback for its star, one of the legends of the action genreto that genre. One of his last outstanding films before announcing his … Read more

Firefighters cancel a WASP concert due to excess capacity | Metal Journal

Firefighters cancel a WASP concert due to excess capacity

Monumental mess that occurred last night at the show that WASP had planned on the Amplified Live from Dallas (Texas, United States). According to the band’s version, the promoter sold more tickets than allowed and the authorities had to intervene. Blackie Lawless’s group had to abort the concert just as they were about to go … Read more