Las grandes sagas del cine – MeriStation

1638715075 Las grandes sagas del cine MeriStation

El Padrino (3 entregas. 1972-1990) La trilogía de Coppola sobre la mafia, palabra que no se pronuncia ni una vez, pasa por ser la mejor del cine. Ganó el Oscar a mejor película en las dos primeras entregas y como curiosidad Marlon Brando y De Niro se llevaron también la estatuilla por interpretar al mismo … Read more

Maria Hill returns to the MCU: actress Cobie Smulders confirmed for the series Secret Invasion – MeriStation

1638636530 Maria Hill returns to the MCU actress Cobie Smulders confirmed

Cobie Smulders, the Canadian-American actress who has been playing Maria Hill in the UCM since 2012, he will return once again on the occasion of the series Secret Invasion, one of the next series of Marvel Studios for Disney+ that will freely adapt the comic of the same name. A) Yes. The return of the … Read more

Ghostbusters: Afterlife, review. Nostalgia as a business – MeriStation

1638466177 Ghostbusters Afterlife review Nostalgia as a business MeriStation

In the cinema, as in life, all comparisons are hateful, but in the case of Ghostbusters: Afterlife is inevitable because there are many factors that invite it. First because aHe front of the project is Jason Reitman, son of director of the first two installments (Ivan Reitman), second because part of those who have put … Read more

All about Matrix Resurrections: release date, trailer, cast and synopsis – MeriStation

1638444275 All about Matrix Resurrections release date trailer cast and synopsis

The Matrix Resurrections is getting closer. The return to theaters of one of the greatest science fiction film icons of recent decades returns with a new canonical installment starring Keanu Reeves, how could it be otherwise. In this article we are going to review all the essential details of an appointment that has been made … Read more

Scavengers: K-Pop Star AleXa Announces Concert at Scavlab; schedule and how to see it – MeriStation

Scavengers K Pop Star AleXa Announces Concert at Scavlab schedule and

Scavengers, the action title multiplayer from Midwinter Entertainment continues its development through Early Access. One of the latest innovations is the large-scale mode Scavlab, the space where players can unleash their creativity. And not only them; also companies like Improbable, dedicated to the development of technologies, who are about to organize a very special event: … Read more

The wheel of time: when it opens, trailer and cast of the new Amazon series – MeriStation

1637268766 The wheel of time when it opens trailer and cast

Everyone is looking for their particular Game of Thrones, and although Amazon Studios has a number of The Lord of the rings on the way, which will debut on September 2, 2022, Amazon Prime Video will broadcast another very special series. The wheel of time count the days on the calendar and soon we will … Read more

Arcane on Netflix: when and what time does the League of Legends series premiere? – MeriStation

Arcane on Netflix when and what time does the League

League of Legends: Arcane is an animated series that will come to Netflix soon. Based on the hit video game by Riot Games, this production is divided into arcs of three episodes. Although the platform tends to release all the chapters at the same time, with Arcane things will be different. The next November 7, … Read more

Trailer of Dr. Brain, the new Korean sensation for Apple TV +: sci-fi thriller – MeriStation

1636031442 Trailer of Dr Brain the new Korean sensation for Apple

Dr. Brain is the new series that arrives from South Korea after the huge success from The Squid Game. And it does it as exclusive content of Apple TV+, Apple’s streaming platform, through a style story thriller and science fiction that is giving a lot that talk after the premiere of its first episode, whose … Read more

Scream (2022): Why isn’t it called Scream 5? Its creator explains it – MeriStation

1634548307 Scream 2022 Why isnt it called Scream 5 Its creator

Scream (2022) It’s not called Scream 5 and there’s a reason. The long-awaited new installment of the series slasher is the fifth; Nevertheless, the creative team has wanted to demarcate itself from numbering in the nomenclature. Although this practice is more typical in reboots or restarts, contrary to the case that concerns us, the creator … Read more

This will be Oberhasli, the interactive concert of deadmau5 in Core – MeriStation

1634241932 This will be Oberhasli the interactive concert of deadmau5 in

To be able to enjoy a concert by electronic music without having to leave home is something that has grown in popularity over the past few months. Titles like Fortnite dominate this area, but more and more multiplayer online games who take the leap and present interactive music experiences surprising and varied. This time he … Read more