Ángelo García claims to have been sexually abused on several occasions during his stay at Menudo

Angelo Garcia. Photo: Jason Mendez for Tribeca Film Festival/Getty Images Former members of Ricky Martin’s former boyband, Slighthave revealed the horrific abuse they say their manager subjected them to, claiming they were given illegal substances, exposed to “predators” and “abused” of them numerous times. Menudo was formed in Miami, Florida by Edgardo Díaz in 1977 … Read more

Ex Menudo claims to have been raped while in the band in new documentary “Menudo: Siempre Jovenes”

The HBO Max platform is preparing to receive one of the most anticipated documentaries of the year for the Latino community, it is “Menudo: Siempre Jovenes”, where it will delve into the trajectory of what is probably the most successful and legendary youth band of the history of the music industry in Latin America. Of … Read more

Menudo: HBO Max series exposes that within the band there was sex, drugs and strong abuse

Slightthe youth band that changed music in Spanish in the 70s, 80s and 90s, has two stories: the resounding success that generated the idea of ​​forming a group with young people, as well as the dark part that overshadowed the musical legend. The first was told as fiction with the series Get on my motorcycle … Read more

“Excuse me, because what you lived through is not what I lived through”: Former Menudo Johnny Lozada talks about the abuse in the band and says that the difference was that his mother took care of him | People | Entertainment

Former youth gang member Slight, Johnny Lozada recently referred to his time at the musical group of Puerto Rican origin and some shady things that she experienced while she was part of it. The singer spoke in the TV show ‘”Wake up America# of Univision about him documentary film of the history of Menudo that … Read more

The secrets behind the glamor of the band “Menudo”

The documentary “Menudo: forever young” will chronicle “the rise and fall of the most iconic Latin American boy band in history, taking viewers into the world of popular teen idols world tours, magazine covers, 80s attire and fangirls screaming”, as indicated the synopsis. This Puerto Rican band was formed in 1977, thanks to the initiative … Read more

HBO Max’s ‘Menudo: Forever Young’ is the documentary that narrates the success and fall of the musical group

‘Menudo: Forever Young’ is the title of the musical group’s documentary. Photo: HBO MAX / Courtesy One of the most successful musical groups in history is Slight, which caused a stir around the world. Before BTS, CNCO, One Direction, N*Sync, and the Backstreet Boys, there was Menudo, and now the HBO Max documentary “Menudo: Forever … Read more

Adolfo Aguilar confesses that he had a 5-year love relationship with the Menudo singer

Adolfo Aguilar confesses that he had an affair with the Menudo singer. (Photo: Instagram) after doing public his homosexuality, Adolfo Aguilar appeared on the set of Amor y Fuego this Thursday, January 10, to talk about his acceptance process, his alleged relationship with Alejandro Pino and about other details of his hitherto hidden love life. … Read more