Estos son los mejores MEMES que dejó Kanye West tras estrenar ‘Vultures’ y no subirlo en Spotify

Estos son los mejores MEMES que dejo Kanye West tras

(Captura de pantalla/TW) Después de muchas especulaciones respecto a la fecha de estreno en donde los fans ya estaban resignados, Kanye West finalmente lanzó su nuevo disco Vultures, sin embargo, causó gran controversia al subirlo en la plataformas de Apple Music, Amazon Music y Tidal. Te puede interesar: ¿Kanye West filtra concierto en México? El … Read more

Aubrey Plaza’s Loewe Emmys’ Outfit Sparks Hilarious Memes, And, Of Course, She’s Joining The Fun

Aubrey Plazas Loewe Emmys Outfit Sparks Hilarious Memes And Of

If there is one thing we can count on Aubrey Plaza for, it’s her great sense of humor and self-deprecation. During the 75th Emmy Awards on Monday (January 15), the 39-year-old actress, who was nominated for Best Supporting Actress in Drama Series for her role in The White Lotus, arrived on the red carpet wearing … Read more

Memes y reacciones de los fans a la polémica de Nicky Nicole y Peso Pluma

Memes y reacciones de los fans a la polemica de

Peso Pluma y Nicki Nicole llevan varios días siendo tendencia por unas polémicas declaraciones de la argentina en una entrevista que le realizaron. Y es que desde hace unas semanas se rumoreaba que ambos cantantes mantienen una relación amorosa. En la entrevista, Nicki terminó haciendo enojar a varios fans del cantante mexicano pues primero lo … Read more

From Queen Letizia to Katy Perry: The best memes of the coronation of Carlos III of England

From Queen Letizia to Katy Perry The best memes of

This same Saturday, May 6, one of the most important events for the British monarchy took place: the coronation of Charles III of England. The day has been marked by parades, protocols of all kinds and Nostradamus’s new prediction about the future of the reign. Although it is true that ingenuity, creativity and good humor … Read more

Between humor and emotion: the best memes from the Big Brother finale

Between humor and emotion the best memes from the Big

The memes for the consecration of Marcos in Big Brother This Monday the long-awaited final of Big Brother 2022 (Telefe), with the conduction of Santiago del Moro. After more than five months of confinement in the most famous house in the country, Nacho Castañares Puente, Marcos Ginocchio and Julieta Poggio They competed to take their … Read more

It was known: they opened the suitcase, Big Brother enabled the explosive and… the memes exploded!

It was known they opened the suitcase Big Brother enabled

Last night Big Brother made an announcement that made the house spicy: he enabled the withering nomination. That decision made things hot inside, among the participants, while outside the social networks exploded not only because of the comments, but also with the memes. After so much expectation, Santiago del Moro revealed the contents of the … Read more

These are the best ‘memes’ of Shakira and Piqué

1673805180 These are the best memes of Shakira and Pique

The networks have been flooded with funny messages after listening to Shakira’s song ‘Meme’ by Shakira and PiquéTwitter ‘Meme’ by Shakira and PiquéTwitter ‘Meme’ by Shakira and PiquéTwitter ‘Meme’ by Shakira and PiquéTwitter ‘Meme’ by Shakira and PiquéTwitter ‘Meme’ by Shakira and PiquéTwitter ‘Meme’ by Shakira and PiquéTwitter ‘Meme’ by Shakira and PiquéTwitter ‘Meme’ by … Read more

After Shakira’s song and the memes, did Piqué close a commercial agreement with Casio?

1673655120 After Shakiras song and the memes did Pique close a

Piqué announces a commercial agreement with Casio (Twitter: @BloopGG) Gerard Piquéthe former footballer of the Barcelona Fútbol Club who is in the middle of the controversy that generated the last song of his ex-partner, Shakirahas just announced that it closed an agreement with Casio to be a sponsor of your soccer league 7. “Casio and … Read more

The best MEMES on networks left by Zack Efron’s NEW look for ‘The Iron Claw’

Returning to the movies this 2022, after suffering the accident that caused him to undergo an operation since he landed with his chin on a granite fountain. Zack Efron is better than ever to bring to life The Iron Clawhowever, after announcing the new look to bring this character to life, Zac has been the … Read more