Adam Driver még csak most lett negyven, mégis mindenki vele akar dolgozni |

Adam Driver meg csak most lett negyven megis mindenki vele

A New Yorker 2019-ben írt portréja találóan mutat rá Adam Driver ikonná válásának különleges jellegére. A lap a Variety által pedzegetett, 2010-es évek elején látványossá váló folyamatot emlegette, amelyet a „férfi főszereplők krízisének” nevezett. A Brad Pitt-George Clooney-Tom Cruise nevével fémjelzett férfi szupersztárok generációja kiöregedőben volt, nagy szükség volt az olyan fiatalabb színészekre, akik kirobbanthatatlanul … Read more

Female Filmmakers in Focus: Meg Ryan on What Happens Later | Interviews

1699227807 Female Filmmakers in Focus Meg Ryan on What Happens Later

With her second feature directorial effort, “What Happens Later,” Ryan returns to the romantic comedy world. Based on the play Shooting Star by Steven Dietz, along with directing, Ryan co-wrote the script and is one of the film’s two leads. She stars as Willa, a New Agey woman from Austin on her way to Boston who … Read more

“Mamá, esto es una vergüenza”: Los hijos de Meg Ryan no soportan el orgasmo de la actriz en una de sus mejores películas

Mama esto es una verguenza Los hijos de Meg Ryan

‘Cuando Harry encontró a Sally’ (Rob Reiner, 1989) es una de las mejores comedias románticas de la historia del cine, pero si ha pasado a la historia por algo es por incluir el que probablemente sea el orgasmo más icónico del séptimo arte, algo que no parece entusiasmar a los hijos de Meg Ryan, su … Read more

La valentía de Meg Ryan volviendo a Hollywood es para darle una medalla

La valentia de Meg Ryan volviendo a Hollywood es para

La actriz estadounidense Meg Ryan asiste a la 11ª Annual Governors Awards gala organizada por la Academia de Artes y Ciencias Cinematográficas en el Dolby Theatre de Hollywood el 27 de octubre de 2019. (Foto de CHRIS DELMAS/AFP vía Getty Images) Meg Ryan está de vuelta a nuestras pantallas. Este 2023, la actriz, que en … Read more

Jason Statham: Future king of the box office in 2023? The Meg 2 could break records | Geek Lands

Jason Statham Future king of the box office in 2023

In the pantheon of actors accustomed to very big budget action films, we naturally find Jason Statham. The 55-year-old actor is a regular at big fight scenes under testosterone and often shares the bill with other big guys, whether Dwayne Johnson, Sylvester Stallone or simply by taking the leadership alone of a few feature films. … Read more

Opinion: Uproar over Meg Ryan’s appearance makes us all look ugly

Opinion Uproar over Meg Ryans appearance makes us all look

Sometimes it’s hard being a woman. Take, for example, Meg Ryan’s recent appearance at one of the documentary’s premieres. Stillof Michael J Fox. Ryan, as you may recall, was a mainstay of rom-coms in the ’80s and ’90s, and though she’s worked ever since, she’s kept out of the spotlight today. However, she recently attended … Read more

Richard can’t find his Meg Ryan

DirecTV confirms that it eliminates EWTN from its programming from

By Olga Espinal The play I believe in marriage reminds me of the movie When Harry met Sally starring Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal in 1989; They are chapters of encounters and disagreements of the same characters and their path to get together for life.Regarding that “for life” could the following questions arise? is marriage … Read more