Valentina Zenere: “One day you’re doing well and the next your aunt and grandmother meet you and that’s it”

Valentina Zenere she is a girl who exudes charisma, which has a stage presence, either through a screen or ‘in situ’ in the central LOS40 studio. She knows it, but she doesn’t pay much attention to it either. She talks to me face to face and doesn’t pay much attention to the data that supports … Read more

Meet the Argentine actress who fell in love with Cantinflas and who had a son not recognized by him

The well-known time of Mexican Golden Cinema It was an important period in the history of that country, which stood out for having great cinematographic proposals to the point of becoming the center of commercial films in Latin America. During this time, some iconic characters emerged that are still present in the collective memory of … Read more

Meet the terrifying documentary of ‘It’ with unpublished images of Tim Curry as Pennywise

Tim Curry marked all nineties children and adolescents with his terrifying performance as Pennywise, which is why the release of ‘Pennywise: The Story of IT’ is being prepared, a documentary that will show unpublished material from this classic. If you consider yourself a lover of terror, you’d better make a space in your calendar, because … Read more

Meet Zoe Saldana’s most “gangsta” car

The American actress, Zoe Saldana, has got fans used to seeing her put on excellent performances on the big screen. In addition, another fact with which she dazzles her audience is the spectacular car she drives. She learns more about Saldana’s “mobster” car, below. June 12, 2022 2:46 p.m. Zoë Saldana, born to a Puerto … Read more

Madonna: Meet Julia Garner, the actress chosen to play the singer in her biopic

After rumors of how complicated the casting process was turning out to select the actress who plays Madonna in her biographical film, as well as strong competition among the contenders for the role, it has finally been confirmed that Julia Garner will be the protagonist of the project. being prepared by Universal Pictures under the … Read more

Meet Iman Vellani, the protagonist of ‘Ms. Marvel’, the new Disney+ series

Iman Vellani, who plays leading lady Kamala Khan in the new Disney+ series “Ms. Marvel” has a riddle to solve. Now that she is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)should you remove the Marvel posters from your room or should you leave them? “Brie (Larson) it’s on my wall and in my phone book. … Read more

Meet Spacey Jane, the most honest indie pop band you’ll be hearing in a while

Many may consider that rock is dead and yes, if we can agree on something, it is that for many years, it has ceased to be the most popular genre and the one that many young people use to express themselves. However, there are a lot of bands today that refuse to let the guitars … Read more

Meet An Honest Mistake, Malaysian Pop Punk Band

Meet An Honest Mistake, Malaysian Pop Punk Band The pop punk band from Malaysia, An Honest Mistakelaunch the theme forget me with the rappers Reckless Escapes Y Maruxa Lynd who together seek to reach a wider audience, including that of Mexico, a country where they make themselves known with this single that is already on … Read more

Meet the mansion to which Raphy Pina moved a few months before being sentenced to prison

Raphy Pina and Natti Natasha. Photo: Rodrigo Varela. /Getty Images the music producer raphy pina43 years old and who has a daughter with the singer Natti Natashais going through one of the most complicated moments of his life, when it became known that He was sentenced to 41 months in prison for the crime of … Read more