Steve McQueen’s best performances, ranked | Pretty Reel

Steve McQueens best performances ranked Pretty Reel

Steve McQueen is known as the king of cool. More than an actor, he is an icon and a mark of a maverick, with a bold and serene spirit. This duplicity gave McQueen license to be an authority of authenticity in his image and personality. In a career that spanned nearly three decades, McQueen became … Read more

Hyundai – Fastback? Like Steve McQueen’s?

Hyundai Fastback Like Steve McQueens

– Fastback? Like Steve McQueen’s? Even if there is nothing Californian about it, the 275 horsepower of the Hyundai i30N “Fastback” is quite impressive. Thomas Veillet – Posted: 12/28/2021, 6:30 a.m. DR The press service of Hyundai Switzerland told me that I was going to be able to test a “Fastback”. In my tortured … Read more

The European Film Academy honors the innovative storytelling of British director Steve McQueen’s ‘Small Ax’ series – Audiovisual451

1634759637 The European Film Academy honors the innovative storytelling of British

On the occasion of the 34th edition of the European Film Awards on December 11, the European Film Academy honors British director Steve McQueen with the Innovative Storytelling Award for his collection of ‘Small Ax’ films. With this award, the European Film Academy wants to pay tribute “to a revolutionary work of art that forces … Read more

Steve McQueen’s infidelity saved his life in 1969 when Sharon Tate was killed

Steve McQueens infidelity saved his life in 1969 when Sharon.webp

One of the most notable faces and screen appearances of all time in Hollywood, Steve McQueen escaped murder by the followers of Charles Manson because he “ran into a chick.” Born María Ruby Neilam Arrastia y Salvador in the capital of the Philippines, Neile Adams arrived in America in 1948 after spending three years in … Read more