“Interstellar” tonight on TF1 Séries Films with Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway – Bulles de Culture

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What to see on Amazon Prime Video: the formidable judicial thriller with Matthew McConaughey that has now become a Netflix series

Culture is a flat circle. Matthew McConaughey He was talking about time in his memorable ‘True Detective’ speech, saying that “Everything we have done or will do, we will do it over and over again forever”, but he can well talk about modern audiovisuals, where all intellectual property is susceptible to being adapted even more … Read more

Jennifer Gray and Matthew Broderick traumatized by fatal car accident – CNET – ApparelGeek

Painful memories. Jennifer Gray gets candid about the details of his relationship with Matthew Broderick in his book, Out of the Corner: A Memoir – including the fatal car crash that left two people dead. “The car crash in Ireland was, I would say, the top three traumas of my life, maybe the first,” said … Read more

Jennifer Gray Says Madonna Wrote ‘Express Yourself’ About Her Breakup With Matthew Broderick – Up News Info News in France and abroad

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! Madonna has Jennifer Gray’s love life to thank for ‘Express Yourself’. In 1986, the ‘Dirty Dancing’ star was dating Matthew Broderick, whom she met on the set of ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’. The two got engaged at some point. But after four years, the couple called it … Read more

“WarGames”, on TCM: Matthew Broderick, the first incarnation of the hacker in Hollywood

“WarGames” (1983), by John Badham. METRO GOLDWYN MAYER FRANCE TCM CINÉMA – SATURDAY, APRIL 16 AT 10:30 P.M. – FILM In 1982, there were 621,000 personal computers in the United States. Hollywood could not help but seize the phenomenon. Thus was born, in 1983, a new type of hero, the nerd, endowed with not very … Read more

A-list spouses Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick light up Broadway with revival of Neil Simon’s Plaza Suite – Home

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Matthew McConaughey once felt Jennifer Lopez was ‘absolutely’ a diva: ‘She owns’ – Home

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Years go by and Matthew McConaughey’s words at the Oscars are not forgotten

In 2014, Matthew McConaughey sentenced the “McConaissance”, that conscious rebirth that lived after break away from the romantic comedy in 2009 after the terrible The ghost of my ex girlfriendsby winning the first Oscar for best actor of his career. He achieved it thanks to losing 17 kilos of weight until he was almost cadaverous … Read more

Matthew Broderick, the eternal teenager of American cinema | myCANAL

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