The composers of the series Matrix, Terminator, Transformers or from the Cyberpunk 2077 video game among others they will meet at FIMUCITÉ The Tenerife International Film Music Festival (FIMUCITÉ), the oldest in Europe and a world reference in its speciality, which is celebrating its sixteenth edition these days under the direction of the renowned composer … Read more

Matrix Resurrections: when Keanu Reeves reacted to the disappointment caused by the sequels

Matrix Resurrections when Keanu Reeves reacted to the disappointment caused scaled

Keanu Reeves fully understands that the “Matrix” sequels may have disappointed many viewers. During the promotion of “Matrix Resurrections”, the actor explained that he had already experienced this feeling himself with “Star Wars, episode VI: Return of the Jedi”. Matrix Resurrections : the awakening of Neo and Trinity Without her sister Lilly, Lana Wachowski decides … Read more

Carrie-Anne Moss (Trinity in The Matrix) celebrates her 55th birthday

Carrie Anne Moss Trinity in The Matrix celebrates her 55th birthday

It stands to reason that Carrie-Anne Moss has established herself as a renowned actress in Hollywood, so to commemorate her 55th birthday it seems appropriate to recount her best performances and rediscover why this Canadian actress has captured our hearts. Matrix (1999) Perhaps recognized as one of the best and most innovative science fiction films … Read more

Comic-Con: John Wick 4, Keanu Reeves (Matrix) more deadly than ever in this new trailer

Comic Con John Wick 4 Keanu Reeves Matrix more deadly than

news culture Comic-Con: John Wick 4, Keanu Reeves (Matrix) more deadly than ever in this new trailer Published on 07/23/2022 at 10:01 Fans of Keanu Reeves and baston are stamping their feet with impatience at the idea of ​​discovering in the cinema the sequel to the adventures of the most deadly killer in cinema… John … Read more

The TV ad that used bullet time before ‘The Matrix’

The fact that Matrix Resurrections (2021) be such a disappointing movie is inescapably linked to everything he achieved the original trilogy of Lilly and Lana Wachowski (1999-2003). It is not only found light years away from complexity juicy and the amazing spectacle of the other films after the second of the sisters has emptied it … Read more

What movies to watch this weekend on Netflix, Prime Video and HBO Max: the new Matrix, an acclaimed Anya Taylor-Joy and the sequel to Halloween

Once again and like every Friday, we come loaded with film news that we are going to recommend for this weekend in May. Prepare popcorn here we come with 3 recommendations from Netflix, HBO Max and Prime Video. If by any chance you have an account on one of these three streaming platforms, you are … Read more

50 premieres this week on HBO Max, Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, Movistar+ May 16 – 22: Matrix Resurrections

We enter the third week of May and in full post-Eurovision 2022 hangover in which we have been in an epic third place. One of those weeks that we love in the field of VOD releases, because several very important releases come together. And if not, pay attention to everything that is about to reach … Read more

Marvel: Keanu Reeves (Matrix, John Wick) soon in the MCU?

Marvel Keanu Reeves Matrix John Wick soon in the MCU

news culture Marvel: Keanu Reeves (Matrix, John Wick) soon in the MCU? Published on 04/05/2022 at 17:56 In terms of action movies, we can say quite easily that Keanu Reeves is a real size. The Matrix star could just be joining one of the most prolific cinematic universes in history, also at home in high-profile … Read more

Don’t Worry, Darling: Matrix, Inception… Olivia Wilde reveals the influences of her psychological thriller

Dont Worry Darling Matrix Inception Olivia Wilde reveals the influences

For his next thriller, Don’t Worry, DarlingOlivia Wilde revealed to have been inspired by a handful of films “pushing the limits of the imagination”. After a career as an actress that surely left her hungry, Olivia Wilde preferred to turn away from the spotlight and projects that favored her plastic over her talents as an … Read more

Keanu Reeves, actor of ‘Matrix’ and ‘John Wick’, visited Costa Rica

Keanu Reeves actor of Matrix and John Wick visited Costa

Even officials from the Guanacaste airport managed to get a photo with Reeves. The renowned 57-year-old actor Keanu Reeves visited Costa Rica for almost two weeks, since he entered the country last Friday, April 1, and left the country yesterday, Wednesday, April 13, as confirmed by the General Directorate of Immigration and Immigration. According to … Read more