Mass Effect ‘Won’t Work’ As TV Series, Ex-BioWare Writer Says

Mass Effect Wont Work As TV Series Ex BioWare Writer Says

Without a doubt one of the news of the week is that Amazon Studios could be close to closing a deal to produce a television series of Mass Effect, a project that has not yet been officially confirmed but of which even the own BioWare He said it was a matter of time. As the … Read more

Outraged user starts campaign to remove mass killing scene in new Halloween Kills movie

Outraged user starts campaign to remove mass killing scene in

This is October and that just means news of the legendary horror franchise from Universal Pictures. We are talking about Halloween Kills, the continuation of Halloween, where the unstoppable murderer, Michael Myers, brings us a fierce film full of shocking deaths in the purest style of the saga of the eighties. However, a user has … Read more

The creator of ‘Midnight Mass’ is already working on a new series for Netflix

The creator of Midnight Mass is already working on a

The development agreement linking Intrepid Pictures to Netflix is ​​paying off mutually. Since committing to the platform in February 2019, the production company run by Trevor Macy and the director and screenwriter Mike Flanagan, who had just succeeded with ‘The curse of Hill House‘, has released the sequel to that one,’The curse of Bly Manor‘, … Read more

‘Midnight Mass’, the Netflix horror phenomenon that Stephen King has joined

Midnight Mass the Netflix horror phenomenon that Stephen King has

‘Midnight Mass’, the latest horror hit from Netflix, arrives with the approval of Stephen King under the arm. It is already known that the Maine writer is very given to commenting on fashion series on their social networks – such as ‘The Money Heist’, which is crazy about him. And he is usually benevolent, but … Read more

Everything you need to know about ‘Midnight Mass’, the new series that triumphs on Netflix

Did you like being scared with The curse of Hill House O Bly Menor? Your Creator, Mike Flanagan (Oculus: Mirror of Evil (2013), Ouija: Origin of Evil (2016) and Hush), has a new fiction that triumphs in Netflix and you are sure to love it. On September 24, the US platform premiered Midnight mass, a … Read more

“Midnight Mass”, an appointment with the mystical terror

Midnight Mass an appointment with the mystical terror

Fans of horror series are in for a treat: Netflix has just released the series “Midnight Mass”, which is garnering critical acclaim and even the same Stephen King. The seven-episode series is the new success of Mike Flanagan, creator of “The Curse of Hill House”, and is set in a small island community where deep … Read more

‘Midnight Mass’: a great dose of terror in this new Netflix series

1632497914 Midnight Mass a great dose of terror in this new

What of Netflix terror is a bad thing. He knows that it is one of his most successful genres, as he has shown in countless Horror Movies that accumulate views on the platform, not to mention the horror series; of titles like ‘Ratched’, ‘New cherry flavor’ or, of course, ‘Stranger Things’. Well, now Netflix has … Read more

Review of Midnight Mass, the apocalyptic series from the creator of The Curse of Hill House

Review of Midnight Mass the apocalyptic series from the creator

Step by step, shot by shot, the Director Mike Flannagan has built a solid reputation as a creator of horror stories or, at least, disturbing stories that reflect on the human condition. He hit the ball with the magnificent The curse of Hill House, which they followed Bly Manor and Sleep doctor. Now play a … Read more

‘Midnight Mass’ is the best Netflix series so far this year

1632234342 Midnight Mass is the best Netflix series so far this

Since Netflix was made with the rights of the notable ‘Hush’, Mike Flanagan has repeatedly collaborated with the streaming platform. He already left good feelings with ‘Gerald’s game’, adaptation of the homonymous book by Stephen King, but it was with ‘The curse of Hill House’ when it literally swept everything away. Then it would be … Read more

‘Midnight Mass’, Mike Flanagan’s new horror series, presents its trailer and date on Netflix – Out of Series

The horror fiction will consist of seven episodes starring Hamish Linklater and Zach Gilford (Source: Netflix) The arrival of The curse of Hill House and subsequently, The curse of Bly Manor They enshrined its creator, Mike Flanagan, as a safe bet of terror for Netflix. As a result of the agreement that both signed at … Read more