Chris Martin’s viral video: the Coldplay singer went to buy a guitar, sang with vendors and even gave them tickets

Chris Martins viral video the Coldplay singer went to buy

Chris Martin visited a music store and sang with the vendors “Typical that you are working and it comes Chris Martin of Coldplay…”, he wrote on his social networks Emilianoone of the sellers of a music store located on Talcahuano street who, together with his colleagues, was surprised when on Thursday afternoon the leader of … Read more

Reveal testimony of Ricky Martin’s nephew where he describes alleged abuse of the singer

Reveal testimony of Ricky Martins nephew where he describes alleged

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Coldplay suspends shows in Brazil due to Chris Martin’s health problems: what will happen to the dates in Argentina

Coldplay suspends shows in Brazil due to Chris Martins health

Chris Martin on stage (Instagram) Chris Martin must rest for three weeks, suffering from a lung infection. For that reason, the recitals that Coldplay toast these days in Brazil were suspended: would take place in the first months of 2023, still without confirmed dates. But the question immediately arose about what would happen to the … Read more

Coldplay suspended their shows in Brazil due to Chris Martin’s illness, are their concerts in Argentina in danger?

Coldplay suspended their shows in Brazil due to Chris Martins

The singer suffers from a lung infection and will have to rest for three weeks. Three weeks after the first of his ten shows at the River stadium, Coldplay announced the rescheduling of their shows in Brazil because Chris Martin suffers from a lung infection that will force him to rest for three weeks. The … Read more

Dani Martín’s anger after the theft of his guitar before a concert

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The public did not believe. The singer Daniel Martin stopped his concert this Saturday at the Plaza de Toros de Murcia to announce to his followers the incident he had suffered hours before the performance. While the former leader of The crazy’s song finalized the preparations to give his recital, in which he reviewed the … Read more

Ricky Martín’s nephew speaks for the first time after a new complaint of abuse against the singer

Ricky Martins nephew speaks for the first time after a

Ricky Martin / Courtesy In recent months, Ricky Martin has faced a media scandal after the accusations against him for assault and sexual abuse, and despite the fact that in a first legal process he was victorious, in recent days his nephew Dennis Yadiel Sánchez, sued him again for these actions. Given this scenario, the … Read more

Dennis Yadiel Sánchez, Ricky Martin’s nephew who accuses him of sexual abuse, spoke for the first time

Dennis Yadiel Sanchez Ricky Martins nephew who accuses him of scaled

Dennis Yadiel Sánchez assured that he was attacked by the pop star when he was 12 years old (Video: Unimás) months ago Ricky Martin stopped appearing in the world media for his musical achievements and now the headlines speak of sexual abuse, cross complaints and mental health. Days ago it was known that his nephew, … Read more

Why is Chris Martin’s band called Coldplay?

Coldplayis one of the greatest British bands of the 20th century, made up of the singer and pianist Chris Martinguitarist Jon Auckland and bassist Guy Berryman who met at University College London and formed a rock band in the mid-1990s. Chris Martin was studying Ancient History, Jon Auckland was a Maths and Astronomy student and … Read more

Ricky Martin’s new physical change that left his fans baffled

Ricky Martins new physical change that left his fans baffled

Ricky Martin surprised his followers with his physical change Ricky Martin He is one of the most influential artists on the continent. His songs marked an era and still continue to be a trend among the new generations. A few weeks ago, the Puerto Rican was involved in a family scandal due to a complaint … Read more

Madness to see Coldplay in Barcelona: Chris Martin’s band sold out tickets for four concerts at the Olympic Stadium

LAMC 2022 All About the Latin Alternative Music Industry Conference

Truly, never seen. And they are not the great historical groups, it is not about Springsteen or the Stones. Coldplay, newcomers in the head of Mick Jagger, have sold out tickets for a fourth concert at the Olympic Stadium in Barcelona, with which almost 200,000 people, more or less the attendance at the Glastonbury festival, … Read more