Juliette Binoche: she has never been married and suffered three sexual assaults

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The 70th San Sebastian Film Festival begins on September 16, where the French actress Juliette Binoche will receive the Donostia award and his latest film will be premiered, Fire. The poster announcing the contest bears her image, photographed behind bars. A very important actress, whom she remembers among her forty film titles The English Patient, … Read more

Jennifer Lopez married to Ben Affleck: her first husband comes out of silence and hits the star couple

Jennifer Lopez married to Ben Affleck her first husband comes

Saturday July 30, 2022, Ojani Noa confided in the columns of the Daily Mail. Jennifer Lopez’s ex-husband spoke about their romance and said her marriage to Ben Affleck wouldn’t last. A very clear-cut opinion … Saturday July 16, 2022, Jennifer Lopez married Ben Affleck, in Las Vegas. On Instagram, it is with emotion that the … Read more

From the movie: Ricardo Montaner met his wife the day she was getting married

From the movie Ricardo Montaner met his wife the day she was getting married. | Special: Instagram Ricardo Montaner. From movie: Ricardo Montaner reveals that he met his wife the day she got married. The twists and turns of life are as unpredictable as they are surprising, and the Venezuelan nationalized Argentine singer-songwriter knows this … Read more

Salma Hayek, Natalie Portman… These American stars married to French people

Salma Hayek Natalie Portman… These American stars married to French

These American stars married to French people. photo credit: Instagram screenshot Certain foreign celebrities have settled in France not for the gastronomy, the French art of living or even for the museums… but because they have found true love. This is the case of Salma Hayek married to François-Henri Pinault since 2009, Nathalie Portman married … Read more

Angelina Jolie or Billy Bob Thornton: Who has been married more times? – Start

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ads Hollywood has its fair share of unusual exes. Consider the pair of Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton, who engaged in bizarre antics both while dating and after their split. And each was married both before and after their divorce. With 20 years difference in their ages, it’s easy to see why Thornton has … Read more

Lorenzo Méndez talks about Chiquis’s alleged frozen eggs and their married intimacy

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After her mediatic divorce from Chiquis Rivera, Lorenzo Mendez He opened up about his most recent song that they say he dedicated to his ex-wife. In addition, the singer told if he plans to have a new relationship, and clarified several things, including the assumptions eggs that her ex would have frozen. The singer of … Read more

Jennifer Lopez turns 53 newly married to Ben Affleck and “happier than ever”

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American singer, actress, and businesswoman Jennifer Lopeznewly married to the actor Ben Affleckturns 53 this Sunday with new products in her cosmetics business and, as she tells ‘People’ magazine, “happier than ever.” “I’m as old as I am, but I feel incredible and I’m happier than ever,” says the interpreter, who has coincided with her … Read more

The minister who married Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck revealed how the wedding went and detailed why he was surprised

The minister who married Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck revealed

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck got married in a small ceremony and they did not want to be under the cameras of the press. Both said yes in Las Vegas and the details that were known so far were the ones that the couple had decided to show. That moment, when they were in front … Read more

Ex-partner of Luis Miguel doubts that the singer is about to get married and shares details of his intimacy

Ex partner of Luis Miguel doubts that the singer is about

Luis Miguel / Mexico Agency Despite the fact that in recent days Luis Miguel gave something to talk about his probable marriage commitment to his partner from two years ago, Mercedes Villador, now a woman has appeared who claims to have had a relationship of approximately seven years with the singer. The Colombian named Alexandra … Read more